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Fly Fishing Costa Rica: Rainbow Bass and Machaca

This action packed video shows what exploring Costa Rica with a fly rod is all about!

Under the guise of Backwater Fly Fishing, we have been exploring the amazing country of Costa Rica with numerous "do it yourself" trips for the past eight months.

The good times, adventure, and a few cold brews in this film provide a great snapshot of what our trips have been all about.

Lake Arenal is the largest freshwater lake in Costa Rica and is home to some of the best rainbow bass and machaca fishing in the country. Here anglers have the opportunity to land some very large fish in a very unique setting.

With volcano Arenal looming in the distance and the sound of howler monkeys echoing through  the jungle, this is truly a one of a kind place to fish.

Lake Arenal

While some of the larger rivers like the Rio Savegre and the Rio Colorado produce great fishing action, the largest fish are most often caught in Lake Arenal. The water levels in the lake vary drastically throughout the year. Often rising and falling over 20ft depending on the season. This produces an ever-changing environment and some exciting fishing situations.

For more information and videos of our trips be sure to check out Backwater Fly Fishing's Facebook Page.


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Fly Fishing Costa Rica: Rainbow Bass and Machaca