corned elk

St. Pats May be Over, but This Amazing Corned Elk Recipe is Here to Stay

Corned elk is flat out just the way to go. 

Who doesn't love an easy wild game recipe that sounds like it is really hard? Well, thankfully Rihana Cary knows a thing or two about getting this kind of cooking done. In one of her recent recipes posted to her YouTube channel, she makes a corned elk recipe look so simple, anyone could do it. 

If you aren't familiar with Cary, you probably should be. You can find her all over the hunting industry representing Bowtech to Under Armour, to just about every major company in between. Her outdoors lifestyle keeps her outdoors, but so does starring in her own outdoors series, Wild Heritage, also found on YouTube.

As you can tell, there's little doubt that some of these wild game recipes that Cary comes up with are top notch. Just see below for an example.

For a list of all of the ingredients for this amazing corned elk and cabbage recipe, just check out Cary's video directly. All the instructions are listed in the description.

This recipe isn't just for elk. It would also work for venison, antelope, moose, or even beef if you run out of all other game meat in your freezer.

So what do you think? Are you going to give this recipe a try? If one's things for sure, don't wait until next St. Patrick's day to bust it out!