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10 Easy Foods to Pair with Venison Any Night of the Week

pair with venison

If you need help figuring what foods to pair with venison, here you go!

Venison may be a staple for many families across the US, but there is more to making a meal than the main course. If you're like us, trying to figure out what foods to pair with venison can be a challenge. Often times, what you match up with the main course can complement the meal... or ruin the whole thing. As you can guess, this decision isn't one that should be taken likely.

1. Sweet Potatoes

pair with venison No matter what type of venison you're cooking, sweet potatoes will complement it completely. The best part of cooking with sweet potatoes is their versatility. You can fry them, bake them, or throw them in the crockpot. Either way, your dinner guests will be happy.

2. Carrots

If you need something quick to pair with venison, boil or steam some carrots with a little butter, and you're good to go. The sweet taste of carrots, when combined with the sweet taste of venison, makes a meal anyone would be glad to eat.

3. Baked Beans

Who doesn't love baked beans? Find any can of baked beans from the grocery store and you have a meal on your hands. Usually, the "homestyle" baked beans, or anything with a bacon and brown sugar flavor, will get the job done.

4. Mashed Potatoes

pair with venison

Venison is a hearty meat. What goes better with a hearty meal than mashed potatoes? This feel-good pairing is a favorite for the young and old, and when scooped up on a spoon or fork with a big old hunk of roast or steak, it'll send you to heaven.

5. Boxed Stuffing

Now, this is an easy one. If you have a steak, roast, or deep fried hunk of venison, filling up the plate with a few hearty scoops of an easy-to-make box of stuffing works perfectly. The best part about this is that it's hard to find a kid who won't eat it!

6. Mushrooms

Fried mushrooms of any kind are amazing next to a backstrap or roast. There is just something special about the earthy tastes of a properly cooked mushroom that really brings out the full tastes of wild game, especially venison. Whether they are steamed, fried, or sautéed, you found a good choice.

7. Green Beans or Asparagus

pair with venison

Perhaps this is only a thing in our house, but taking a can of drained French style green beans and frying them on the stove top with a little bit of butter, olive oil, and diced onions makes one incredible pairing as a side dish for any venison main course.

8. Cheesy Broccoli or Cauliflower

Now this is an easy one. Broccoli or Cauliflower is great to pair with venison because when it is covered in cheese, everyone loves it. Just simply place the pieced up broccoli or cauliflower in a roasting dish with a little bit of milk and butter. Bake it with the lid on for about 30 minutes, or until tender. Finally, smother it in cheese and bake with the lid off until melted. You are welcome.

9. Casseroles

Each one of these could be their own category, but grouping them all into one just makes sense. From green bean casserole, hash brown casserole, or even a vegetable and rice medley, one of these filling side dishes makes a great offering to pair with venison of any kind.

10. Wild Rice

Wild rice is sort of staple in our house when we are looking for something great to pair with venison. For whatever reason, when wild rice is cooked accordingly and spiced up a little with basic seasonings like tarragon or basil, it becomes a perfect complement to the wild meat on your plate.

So what did we miss? Is there anything that you like to pair with venison that we should know about?

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10 Easy Foods to Pair with Venison Any Night of the Week