5 Ideas to Celebrate 'National Love Your Pet Day'

Calling all pet lovers! National Love Your Pet Day is February 20th. Give your beloved pet some extra lovin' on this day with these 5 ideas to celebrate!

To pet owners everywhere: your favorite day in the whole national day calendar is quickly approaching! National Love Your Pet Day is on February 20th: a day to celebrate the special relationship pets share with their humans. It is also the perfect time to give your furry (or not so furry!) family member(s) some extra love and pampering — even though, yes, for pet lovers everywhere, every day can be called 'love your pet day'!

So, on February 20th, be sure to show your furry friends some extra attention, like by giving them a few extra minutes of cuddle time or by tossing your pooch a few extra dog treats. Here are 5 ideas to help celebrate 'National Love Your Pet Day' in a way they truly deserve!

1. Throw Them a Party

Celebrate your furry friend in style by throwing them a paw-ty! Make things easy for yourself by using a company like Pawty-In-A-Box, where they provide you with everything you would possibly need for a paw-some time. Invite a few other doggies and make it a truly dog day!

2. Make Them Special Treats

Nothing quite says I love you like homemade treats. Make a special treat for your dog or feline friend by mixing some pet-friendly ingredients together and letting your cookery imagination go wild! From frozen treats and simple baked treats to something like pup-cakes, we can guarantee your pet will feel the love on this special day.

3. Get Them a New Toy

If there's one thing we know, is that pets love to play. Celebrate this special day by giving your pet a new toy. Surprise your furry best friend by replacing broken toys with nice new ones, or by simply taking them to the local pet store to pick one out!

4. Spend Some Quality Time Together

One of the easiest ways to show your pet you love them is simply by spending some quality time with them. This could be giving them some extra cuddles on the couch or give them some extra dog treats, or even taking them out to lunch! You can also go through their favorite commands or teach them a new trick, because tricks mean treats and praises, which = love!

5. Arrange a 'Spaw Day' for Them

Give your pet some well-deserved pampering to celebrate the day by arranging a trip to the 'spaw' for a full 'spaw' treatment for your pooch. Start the day with a nice doggie massage and end with a nice grooming and some extra pampering from a pet stylist will have your pet feelin' the love and looking (& smelling) their best!

Do you plan on doing any of these for National Love Your Pet Day? Don't forget to share any pics with us on our Wide Open Pets Facebook Page!

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