Why Your Dog's Groomer Wishes You Would Just Leave Already

Your dog groomer wants you to know that your dog will look a lot less scared once you walk out the door.

It's hard to ignore your pet and leave the grooming salon if your whining, scrambling dog appears to need comforting. But that's exactly what your dog's groomer wishes you would do.

Dog owners historically have trouble remembering this when their dog is whining and gazing at them with "don't leave me eyes," but the simple fact is that dogs act significantly worse when their owners are around, and tend to settle down once the owners are out of "smell range."

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Some tolerant groomers will let you stick around, especially if it's your dog's first appointment, but many others will ask you to leave in order to break the vicious cycle that could otherwise go on forever: because the dog is acting scared or anxious the owner doesn't feel comfortable leaving, and because the owner doesn't feel comfortable leaving, the dog continues to act scared or anxious.

small white dog being groomed

It's hard to work on a dog that is constantly moving and straining to get back to its owner, but that's not the only reason that it's best to leave the grooming salon during your dog's appointment.

Most people don't enjoy being scrutinized while they work, and groomers are no exception. Your groomer will do a better job if you're not studying their every move — no one likes to feel uncomfortable. Having an owner hanging around also adds additional pressure time-wise since you're clearly waiting, and the last thing you want your dog's groomer to do is rush.

black lab wearing bandana

Finally, there are often insurance considerations to take into account. Some grooming salons may have a waiting area for customers, but groomers who work out of their homes may not, and they may not be able to accommodate you as you wait.

It's never easy to leave your dog when he seems upset, but at the groomer's, it's always for the best.

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