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Cat Masseuse Gives Fennec Fox The Best Massage

Need a day of rest and relaxation? This cat masseuse is open for business!

If you've ever received a cat massage, then you know how powerful those little paws can be. Cats usually knead when they're content or when they're preparing to curl up somewhere. Unfortunately, they also often use their claws, showing their contentment while generating a bit of pain for you, too.

But the recipient of the massage in this video isn't a typical cat owner. In fact, it isn't a typical pet at all.

This Fennec fox clearly gets along fabulously with this cat, and it's lucky enough to benefit from a great massage.

The cat looks like a true massage therapist as she kneads her little paws up and down the fennec fox's back. The fox is clearly enjoying the rub-down as his eyes gently close.

Cats knead for a variety of reasons. But it means they trust you and are comfortable. There are some theories that cats also knead for territorial reasons, which in this case just means the cat is making sure everyone knows this little fox is her best friend, thank you.

Owning a Fennec Fox

Before you go out and bring home a Fennec fox, make sure that you're ready for this unique pet. According to National Geographic, these little foxes live in the Sahara Desert and other desert environments. Their large ears, measuring an incredible six inches, help to give off heat so they stay cool, and their thick fur acts like insulation to protect them from the sun. These foxes have feet that are perfect for digging, and they live in dens underground. They're omnivores and eat everything from eggs to rodents to insects.

This fox species can be kept as pets in some areas, but they're not too common. While traditionally wild animals, these exotic pets can live in homes as long as you're ready for the care that comes with these unusual pets.

Fennec foxes are highly social animals, so Fennec fox owners need to spend plenty of time interacting with these little animals. They're naturally nocturnal, but with time they may adapt to their owners' schedules. These small wild canids are similar to dogs, but they need to be raised well as pups to establish trust in humans and to help minimize their chance of their biting people.

They're highly energetic and love to dig, so they'll need a secure enclosure, including fencing that is buried deeply in the ground. If they do escape, they're very fast and hard to capture. Fennec foxes need to be kept in temperatures of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and up. When not supervised, they'll get into everything in your home, so plan on getting a crate and keeping the fox in the crate when you're not able to be with them.

These foxes also need a specific diet. Some owners feed dog food and cat food, but foxes will also eat vegetables and fruits.

Remember, as adorable as this video is, Fennec foxes are exotic animals, and caring for them isn't the same as caring for a cat or a dog. If you want to bring a Fennec fox home, you'll need to do plenty of research and be sure that you understand the commitment and responsibility that comes along with these unique animals.

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This article was originally published March 26, 2020.

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