Celebrate International Cat Day with Cats Around the Globe

Felines in every country are uniting to celebrate World Cat Day, and you should, too!

All around the world, humans love their cats and cats love their humans. Whether your feline is stationary or a vagabond, we're sure he's excited about International Cat Day on  August 8.

In celebration of this pawsitively feline holiday, we've put together a collage of meow-meows living the city, country, and island life in countries near and far.

Hemingway Cat of Key West

Peru's Textile Cat

The Real African Kitty Cat

Melbourne's Cat with Rooftop Access

Rodent Police at the NYC Market

A Feline Vegas Performer on Break


Austria's Salt Mining Feline


Nepal's Mountain Cat

The Bahamian Fishmongers

Costa Rica's Jungle Cat


England's Furriest Hitchhiker

A Meowscow Garden Cat

How will you celebrate World Cat Day?

Maybe your feline is an adventure cat who has visited some of these places on his nomadic escapades. If not, he can live vicariously through these photos of his fellow felines around the world.

August 8th is the best of all holidays for our feline friends. Let's celebrate by cuddling with all our cats and meeting some new friends abroad. It's a special day for all cat lovers. Feral cats, stray cats, black cats and pet cats are all being celebrated. Cat owners: please share images and stories on social media this week!

Show us your worldly cat in the comments below!

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