10 Creative Fundraising Ideas to Make Money for Pets

Just in time for Random Acts of Kindness Day! 

When people think about raising money, they usually turn to traditional ideas like bake sales and auctions. While these kinds of fundraisers often work, there are so many more ways to be creative. Think about what people will say when they see a poster around town advertising an Ugly Sweater Night for shelter dogs!

Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world (maybe you've used it...), but they also help people like you and me plan smaller, local events. In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, the platform is working on bringing awareness to events sponsored by nonprofit organizations.

Cara Benson, Community Manager at Eventbrite, told Wide Open Pets:

"Our platform is an easy way that non-profits can organize and manage a fundraising event. Since creativity is key when attracting event attendees, we've crafted a number of resources that inspire non-profits to think outside the box. And with so many pet owners here at Eventbrite, we just love it when those events go to support our furry friends!" 

To help people around the world brainstorm fundraising ideas they came up with 100 creative fundraising ideas that are a little more exciting than your traditional bake sale. From hosting a Morning Dance Party (with cats) to a Neighborhood Dog Wash, there are tons of ways that you can turn a creative fundraising idea into one to make money for local pets in need.

Here are 10 of their unique fundraising ideas with a pets spin!

1. Doggy Fashion Show

Eventbrite's first idea is a local fashion show, but obviously this would be better with dogs. Talk to your local animal shelter to see if you can dress some adoptable dogs up to strut them down a runway. If the weather is nice enough, you can even make a runway at your local park. Have attendees make a small donation to see the show.

2. Pamper Shelter Pets

Another idea is to host a pampering event, and what better subjects than shelter pets? You can help trim cats' nails, clean ears, and give doggy baths. Maybe this fundraiser can be held before a doggy fashion show!

A dog taking a shower with soap and water

3. Ugly Dog Sweater Party

How about you get all your friends together, maybe some people in the community, and tell them to rifle through their closets to find their ugliest sweaters. Then you can host a party where you can cut the sweaters up to fashion onto dogs! Think doggy sweater vests... Tell everyone to bring their pups and sewing skills.

4. Shelter Pet Performance

One of Eventbrite's fundraising ideas is to host a play. While hosting a performance with pets is a little more complicated, you can just make some props, put some hats on the dogs and cats and see what happens... I know I would pay $5 to see some animals wander around some paper mache trees. You could have a narrator simply improvise a story while watching the pets.

5. Photo and Art Exhibition

Everyone is an amateur photographer these days. Put some flyers up calling for the best and most artistic photos and art of pets. Have participants print out and frame their works of art and then host an art gallery. Attendees can buy the photos or art pieces with the money raised being donated to local animal shelters.

watercolor painting illustration cat kitty kitten adorable

6. Block Party

Get your street together for a block party! Have everyone bring their dogs and a donation for an old-fashioned barbecue. Have neighbors donate food and drinks, while also having some boxes out for old towels, pet food, and blankets to give to local animal rescues!

7. A Doggy 5K

This is a popular event for shelters; I've even seen one in my local area to take shelter dogs on the run to promote adoption. People love races and running with a dog makes it that much more fun! Talk to your local shelter to set one up.

8. Yoga with Pets 

Another idea is to team up with a local yoga studio. Chances are, they want to support their community and local pets. You can even talk to a local petting zoo to see if there are any goats available for an outdoor class!

9. Dog Treat Bake Sale

Instead of making brownies, challenge your community to make dog treats! Put up signage that specifies the money goes back into helping homeless pets, and your town will come support your cause!

10. Pub Crawl

Lots of breweries allow four-legged friends. Why don't you plan one in your town? Talk to the breweries beforehand to see if they want to specifically sponsor the event and if they allow dogs, of course. People can bring their own dogs and you can also reach out to local shelters to plan an adoption event.


Eventbrite came up with so many awesome ideas, which can easily be updated into animal-specific charity events! See the rest of the creative ideas here.

Once you pick an idea, you can easily use the Eventbrite platform to get the word out of your creative animal fundraiser. And remember, Random Act of Kindness Day is February 17 so it's time to start planning!

If you would like to sponsor an event that raises money for a national organization, we would recommend Best Friends Animal Society! Otherwise, your local shelter always needs help and donations. You can find your local Humane Society and sponsor their national cause by going to their site. A site called Rawhide also has an interactive map for where your charitable donations go that is pretty enlightening when you look for organizations to donate to.

Have you sponsored a charity event? Tell us what you did in the comments below!

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