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Major Dog Toys: For Outdoor Dogs Who Need Tough Toys


The people behind Major Dog Toys understand that toys need to be tough. 

Major Dog Toys is a German company that specializes in creating tough, durable toys. With toys for dogs of all different sizes, they make sure your dog can have fun without destroying their playthings in the first session.

Major Dog Toys has toys ranging from frisbees, tug toys, food-motivated puzzle toys, and specific training toys for retrieving. All toys are inspected by the German TUV program that kids' toys go through. So you can rest assured knowing that the materials in these toys are safe enough for a baby to play with.

Some toys you can consider for your dog include:

The Tussel

The Tussel will keep the tug-of-war game going for hours with high-quality rubber handles for you to hold and a rope for your dog to really sink his teeth into.

You can throw it as a frisbee and it travels easily, even in your back pocket on the way to the park.

The Buoy Dummy

The Buoy Dummy floats and is made with a strong tear-resistant fabric so it will survive your dog's intense chewing.

The Flying Felix

The Flying Felix is a perfectly-sized frisbee but is flexible to play tug with and for you to fold up and store away. There's even a little squeaker to really entice your pup.

The fabric is waterproof, and the fabric is weaved so it doesn't tear with rigorous biting.

Speed Sling Ball

The Speed Sling Ball really has some weight when you toss it, which means it can be thrown far. The ball is a natural rubber that is safe for your dog to bite, and the fabric is as nice on your hand as it is on your dog's teeth.

Your dog is waiting for his new presents...Get out and play!

This article was originally published November 2, 2016.

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