Palm Beach County Animal Control

3 Kittens Abandoned Near Restaurant Dumpster in Florida

What is it with people leaving kittens and puppies near dumpsters? There are so many rescues, shelters, and animal welfare organizations in every region across the country, they would be happy to take care of kittens (in this case) that need medical care or homes.

Investigators are on the lookout and need help finding the man in the below video that dumped three kittens next to a dumpster in Lake Worth, Florida. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control posted surveillance video. They were literally found abandoned and left in a paper bag. Luckily all are in good health. Their intention is of course to prosecute the person who left them.

Thank goodness this was caught on video!

WPBF News tells us after an interview with Capt. David Walesky with Animal Care and Control,

"Animal abandonment is a crime in the state of Florida, and this is a situation that we would prosecute someone for, so we need to know who they are and put the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together. But there is no excuse for leaving animals in bag next to a dumpster, this was a brown paper bag balled up, they couldn't escape, they couldn't fend for themselves." 

Staff note: It's important to spay/neuter feral cats! Many rescue organizations (humane society) focus on programs that help communities with spaying and neutering so you can always check out their Facebook pages.

Restaurant dumpsters and abandoned buildings are likely places for people to take matters in their own hands and discard unwanted kittens and puppies. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

You can also help out by letting your humane society know if you see feral kittens, young kittens or any adult cats in one area. They can step in and assist with managing any cat colony that may be hanging out and unsafe. Animal control can always help out too. Never hesitate to contact any of these organizations or animal shelters when you think feral cats are in harms way. These stray cats will thank you! They also have trap-neuter-return programs too within the community. Many of these cats haven't ever come into human contact so you need an expert.

Please let us know what you think about this story. We know it's so horrible, leave us a comment below. 

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