Neglected Pit Bull Becomes FDNY Firehouse Dog

She was found in a freezing and abandoned house, covered in cigarette burns, but now she has a new home and life, working in a firehouse as one of New York's bravest! 

Michael Favor of the NYC-based rescue organization, No More Pain Rescue, got a call about a neglected dog who was living in an abandoned house with a couple who was squatting in the space. A snow storm apparently drove the couple out of the house shortly after, but they left the pup behind, which prompted a second call.

Freezing cold and left to fend for herself, she was removed from the house by Favor and his fiance, Erica Mahnken, co-founder of the rescue. They found her inside, scared and alone, with no heat, food or water.

The group was able to find a temporary foster to keep her for the first couple of days, and she was quickly vetted. Being a foster-based rescue, however, the little girl still needed to find more permanent housing, which prompted the pair to reach out to some friends at a local fire house.

To their delight, the firemen said yes, gave her a name of her own, and so began Ash's second chance.

Ash took to her new surroundings right away, complete with tail wags and kisses for anyone who crossed her path, in true pit bull fashion. After learning that she was an alarming 20 pounds underweight, the firehouse called up No More Pain with the best news possible - they wanted to make their house Ash's forever home!

Ash worked to gain weight with an endless supply of treats, and between her new family, gets somewhere around 30 walks a day. She's even joined her crew on a few work calls, where she sits in her very own seat in the fire truck.

What a life!

If you want to follow Ash on her new adventures with FDNY, you can check her out on Instagram @probyash for updates!

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This article was originally published March 3, 2017.

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