Here Are Two Kittens Eating a Strawberry - You're Welcome!

If you struggle with the overwhelming urge to bite, pinch, or squeeze things you think are cute, prepare yourself...

The next two minutes could be rough.

If you've never watched a kitten eat a strawberry, you haven't fully lived. Fortunately, you clicked on the right link, and we're going to help you fill that gaping hole in your life.

You're about to watch Dusky and Cheese Puff - that's right, not one but TWO kittens - go to town on a strawberry like nobody's business.

Put on your glee face...cause here we go:

Good stuff, right? The eating noises are, well, perfection.

Let's keep this kitten train rolling. Check out these kittens busting a move and then watch this grandma's priceless reaction to her Christmas surprise.


How adorable are Dusky and Cheese Puff? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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