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Synchronized Kittens Dance Perfectly to 'Uptown Funk'

Don't believe kittens could get any more adorable? Just watch.

It's usually dogs who get the best props for obediently following their owner's every move, but the person behind the scenes in this video figured out the trick to training kittens.

They somehow managed to get all seven tabbies lined up side-by-side looking like the perfect picture. And like a dog diligently doing their duty to "stay," all the kittens stay seated even when their favorite aerial toy comes out.

The toy flies in front of their faces, and not a single one tries to jump out of line. The identical-looking littermates sway and bob their heads in perfect tempo and never loose the beat.

If you've ever tried to herd a group of kittens, you know just how impressive this feat is. But instead of jumping, climbing, playing, or being generally uncooperative, these babies seem to know they're making Internet gold.

In a world where a good cat video reigns supreme, these kittens are giving every other famous feline a run for their cat nip. We know you want to watch the video over and over again, so go ahead. It gets better every time!

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This article was originally published November 10, 2017.

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