GRAPHIC: Animal Aid Rescues Dog Whose Mouth Had Been Wired Shut

Bust out the Kleenex...this one's tough to watch.

By the time Animal Aid Unlimited's rescue team found Grace, her situation was dire, as someone had deliberately wired her mouth shut, making her unable to eat or drink for days.

Grace was taken to Animal Aid's shelter where she was treated for pain and infection. Then, it was time to remove the wire.


Grace braved her way through what must have been an agonizing process. Finally, the wire was removed and she was free, but a long road lay ahead.

For days, Animal Aid staff administered IV fluids to Grace since it had been a long time since she'd eaten any solid food. Grace spent most of her time sleeping in her kennel. She was exhausted and withdrawn because of the trauma she had endured.

Rescuers, however, refused to give up on Grace. She was uncomfortable with human contact - understandable given what she'd been through - so Animal Aid staff and volunteers gave her all the time and space she needed in order to feel comfortable again.

Watch Grace's incredible rescue and recovery journey:

Although she will always bear the physical and psychological scars of her trauma, Grace will spend the rest of her life at Animal Aid, surrounded by love and basking in the company of other rescued street animals. She actually met a best friend eight months after her rescue.

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