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Dash Cam Captures the Terrifying Moment an IED Flips Vehicle Full of Troops in Afghanistan

This failed IED attack is terrifying to witness.

Our proud servicemen and women serving over seas have a stressful job. They just never know when someone is going to try and ambush them. One of the more terrifying ambush methods deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan is the use of improvised explosive devices or IEDs.

In the video we see the terrifying moment an IED goes off in a failed attack in Afghanistan. Fortunately, the bomb goes off a little early and no soldiers are seriously injured here, but the MRAP (Mine resistant ambush protected) vehicle they are riding in gets flipped upside down by the force of the blast.

It is a scary reminder of the risks our troops take every day while serving our nation. Warning there is some understandable harsh language in this video after the explosion.

Next time you are having a bad day at work, just remember this video. We really do not have it that bad here in the states. Things could always be so much worse. We are happy to see that no one seemed to have been seriously injured here. Did you catch that guy saying: "My arm is broke a little, but I'm fine!" These guys are tough as nails!

Fortunately, this was exactly the sort of thing that the MRAP was designed to do, protect troops during an IED attack. These vehicles are also capable of mitigating RPG fire. While they are not foolproof against all explosives, they have proven quite effective at keeping soldiers safe from most explosive ambushes.

These vehicles do have a high center of gravity, which is why it was not surprising this one ended up on its side. While that was obviously unpleasant for these troops, at least they will be able to return to their families. That is the most important reason for using these vehicles. Thank you to all the troops in the video for your brave service.