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U.S. Troops Casually Keep Their BBQ Going Despite Firefight with the Taliban

U.S. Troops
YouTube: Funker350 - Veteran Community & Combat Footage

Nothing will stop this BBQ from going as planned!

Most of us just gone done celebrating the 4th of July. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy a nice BBQ dinner with family and friends. For most of our servicemen and women fighting overseas, the chance to enjoy some nice steaks and brats on the grill must be a rare treat, especially in Afghanistan.

That is where the troops in this video are serving. While the meal is being prepared, the soldiers come under fire from Taliban who seem determined to ruin this celebration.

In one of the most American videos we have ever seen, most of the soldiers are not even phased by all the gunfire. One soldier keeps tending to the grill through the whole thing as others nonchalantly pass by and others stop momentarily to comment on how good it smells! Warning that there is some language in this video, it is a war zone after all.

In the middle of all that shooting, one of the guys takes the time to quip: "The steaks are good!"

We got a great laugh out of all the totally casual comments by the soldiers in this video. At the most, they seemed just mildly annoyed that they had to fight back before chowing down. We would say that the Taliban's plans to ruin dinner were a complete failure.

We are guessing these troops had been stationed here for quite a while. They are far from home in a strange and hostile place, and they have probably been eating mostly cold MREs this whole time. There is nothing like a little home cooking to lift the spirits. Nothing was going to stop this BBQ from continuing as planned.

We sincerely hope this was one of the best meals these guys have ever had. You guys earned it. Thanks to all the people in this video for their service to our great nation!

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U.S. Troops Casually Keep Their BBQ Going Despite Firefight with the Taliban