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World War II Combat Footage Helps Us Remember the Sacrifices Made on D-Day


This footage gives a glimpse at the real D-Day invasion.

This week will mark the 76th anniversary of Operation Overlord, aka: "D-Day," which was the invasion and liberation of France from the Nazis during the Second World War. The Allies planned the invasion for almost a full year before troops from multiple nations began the attack on June 6, 1944.

The attack included both the famous beach landings that are so often depicted in the movies and an airborne attack from nearly 25,000 troops from three nations.

Many brave men lost their lives on D-Day, but the fighting caused a massive disruption to German operations in France and allowed the Allies to gain a foothold that allowed them to turn the tide in the war. The video below shows some real footage from the Invasion that is worth watching to remember the sacrifices made by the soldiers that day.

There is something haunting about watching footage like this knowing that this was the real deal and not a movie. Many of the men you saw in this video may have lost their lives over the next few days of fighting. It is quite humbling to think about the sacrifice they made. Especially when you think about their families waiting at home who never saw them return.

The beach landings get most of the attention. Understandably so because those men had little to no cover as they stormed up the beaches under a massive wave of machine gun fire. Especially Omaha Beach, which saw the worst fighting of the invasion. However, let us not forget also about the men shown here who parachuted into enemy territory as part of the invasion. That had to be an equally terrifying experience, but they did it anyway for a cause greater than themselves. For that, we will never forget.

Without the brave sacrifices of the soldiers involved in D-Day, it is hard to say how the war may have turned out or what our world would look like today. We are glad videos like this are online today to remind us that freedom is never free.

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World War II Combat Footage Helps Us Remember the Sacrifices Made on D-Day