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Taliban Snipers Shoot at U.S. Troops, Get Air Strike in Return

Air Strike
YouTube:American Heroes Channel

These Taliban snipers made a poor life decision.

Our armed forces are some of the best-equipped on the planet. It is easy to forget the tactical advantage the U.S. Military has in many situations because soldiers have such a dangerous job. Every day they are abroad in war zones, their life is on the line.

In the case of this video, three Taliban snipers have taken up position on a ridgeline somewhere in Afghanistan. Thinking they are out of range of the U.S. Forces in the valley below, they decide to take some pot shots at the troops.

This ends up being the worst decision of their lives. Quite literally. After a little bit of return fire courtesy of an automated Browning .50 caliber machine gun, the U.S. troops call down an air strike to the enemy position. Warning that the video does contain some language.

When one of those soldiers said: "It's not okay. They don't know what is about to hit them," that was the understatement of the day! Those Taliban may have thought they were out of range, but there is no where to hide when a fighter jet drops a bomb on you.

Those Taliban were very well hidden on the ridgeline. Kudos to the soldier who initially spotted the movement and was able to tell everyone else where the sniper shots were coming from. More of our brave men and women could have been injured had he not been so alert to the danger lurking above.

Unfortunately, our brave men and women in the armed forces must face dangerous situations like this every single day. We are glad this one had a positive outcome because air support was available to assist. Those snipers will not be taking shots at any more U.S. Troops as a result.

Let us take a moment to thank all the brave soldiers in the video for their service to our nation. Well done gentlemen, we hope you were all able to make it home safe and sound!

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Taliban Snipers Shoot at U.S. Troops, Get Air Strike in Return