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Soldiers Saved by Strafing A-10 Warthog in Raw Combat Footage

A-10 Warthog
YouTube:Gilbert Beltran

Here's why the A-10 Warthog is a soldier's best support option.

When soldiers in our armed forces need air support, most would welcome a visit from the A-10 Thunderbolt II, aka: the A-10 Warthog. This awesome plane and her pilots have served our nation since 1972.

It is a favorite of pilots and troops alike because of its ability to support soldiers on the ground. The 30mm autocannon in the nose can fire explosive incendiary, armor-piercing rounds at up to 3,900 rounds a minute.

That is a lot of firepower to the rescue when your troops are in a pinch. In the video below, a convoy comes under heavy attack when the A-10 comes to their rescue. Let us preface this with a warning that there is harsh language in the video.

That was intense to watch. We're not exactly sure where this unbelievable footage was taken, but if we had to guess, it seems like it would be Afghanistan.

You can hear the relief in the voices of these soldiers as the A-10 starts pounding the spot the enemy fire was coming from. We hope that the pilot of that A-10 was able to see this footage later on and see the excellent job he or she did protecting this convoy of troops.

The sound of the A-10 is intense. Those rounds are so fast, they're hitting the ground before you hear the "brrrrt" buzzing sound of those 30mm cannons. There's a common saying that circulates the Internet these days: "If you hear an A-10 shooting, you weren't the plane's intended target." Imagine the psychological effect this plane must have on anyone standing opposed to it when they hear a sound like that!

Seeing raw combat footage like this reminds us that the movies aren't accurate when it comes to portraying how things often play out in real life on the battlefield. It just makes us even more thankful for the dangerous job performed by our brave service men and women!

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Soldiers Saved by Strafing A-10 Warthog in Raw Combat Footage