17 Cat Breeds That Get Along Great With Dogs

Cats and dogs have long been portrayed as mortal enemies. From the aptly titled 2001 film, Cats and Dogs, about the top-secret war going on between the two types of pets, to the second biggest rivalry in the cartoon Tom and Jerry between Tom and a dog named Spike, this strained relationship between the furry foes has been perpetuated by pop culture for decades. Still, sometimes cats and dogs can actually become—dare we say it—friends. Cats have a reputation of being anti-social or standoffish, but this is actually far from the truth. While they may show love in different ways than dogs do, there are plenty of affectionate cat breeds—and a special few may even extend this warmth to their canine counterparts. It should also come as no surprise that many of these cat breeds that get along with dogs are also considered some of the friendliest cats!

The family dog is likely to love any of the cats on this list, but be sure to research the breed of both your pets before introducing a new animal into the home. Even the most easy-going dogs or cats may take a little time to get used to a new furry friend, so you may want to avoid the meanest cat breeds to give your four-legged family members a fighting chance to get off on the right foot paw. While all dog and cat breeds have the chance to become playmates with the right introduction and socialization, these are the best cat breeds that get along with dogs.

1. Maine Coon

Cat breeds that get along with dogs

Maine coons are a Cat Fanciers Association favorite and incredibly friendly cats. These gentle giants are known for their dog-like nature. They are also incredibly helpful and like to play fetch, so it makes sense that they would get along well with their canine counterparts.

2. American Shorthair

American Shorthair Cat In Room

A pet breed truly worthy of being called 'American made', according to the CFA, these kitties are famous for their "sweet personality and amiability with children, dogs, and other pets." American shorthairs also typically live a long and healthy life. Basically, they are angelic little cats that tick all the right boxes.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat in forest

The Norwegian Forest cat may take a while to warm up to a dog, but the pair is sure to be best friends once they do. These are larger cats, much like the Maine coon, with affectionate and gentle personalities. Introductions may be slow going at first, but the close companionship that can form afterward will be worth it.

4. Bombay

Cute black Bombay kitten standing in plant pot outdoors, looking at camera

Bombay cats are known as miniature panthers, though there is no genetic correlation between the domestic cat and the wildcat. According to the CFA, the Bombay's personality is like "a dog, a cat, and a monkey all rolled into one mischievous package." These cats are highly trainable and can do things like walk on a leash and play fetch. They are also highly social lap cats who love to play with people, children, and other pets.

5. Burmese

Burmese sits on a chair

This hypoallergenic cat came from the mix between a domestic cat from Burma and a Siamese from the States. They have the uncanny ability to make even the most ardent dog lover a fan. The Burmese has no fear and can be incredibly playful. They are more likely to turn a dog into a playmate than to scratch their eyes out, but some may merely tolerate a dog's existence.

6. British Shorthair

British shorthair cat lying on couch

The British shorthair loves being around their people and other cats, so why wouldn't they love being around a dog? It takes a lot to get this cat annoyed, so if you bring a new puppy into the household, you have a long lead before this kitty snaps. In fact, they are more likely to walk away and find a place to hide before getting upset, making them the perfect companion to a pesky puppy.

7. Tonkinese

Tonkinese looks through tunnel

One of the most intelligent breeds of cat, the Tonkinese is extremely smart and trainable. In fact, some can even be seen playing fetch with their owners. These sweet cats love to get to know new people and pets, including those of the canine variety.

8. Abyssinian

Abyssian cat laying down

Abyssinian cats have the perfect personality for gaining a doggie companion. They are curious by nature and love to be around their humans. Abyssinians are also quite playful, so they may enjoy having a dog to pal around with.

9. Bengal

Bengal cat laying down

Bengals are full of energy and very affectionate. According to the CFA, Bengals can do well with other pets when they are "properly introduced." They are much like German shepherds who love to be included in every aspect of their family's lives and thrive on playing and learning. They also love water and will be a good fit for a water-loving dog.

10. Siamese

Siamesee cat about to pounce

Siamese cats are an ancient breed that is smart, beautiful, and loving. They love to talk to people as much as they like to hang out with them. You can find a Siamese sitting on their owner's beds, laps, or following them around. Siamese cats are also the curious type. They will definitely give a dog a chance with their curiosity and big heart.

11. Ragdoll

Beautiful young white purebred Ragdoll cat with blue eyes, at home.

Ragdoll cats are another feline that exhibits dog-like behavior. They are excited when you get home and are sad when you leave. Not to mention, they love a good cuddle. They have an even temperament which makes them a good doggie companion. Ragdolls and dogs have the potential to become the very best of friends, and you may even find them cuddling together.

12. Birman

Birman cat on table

Birman cats have various personality traits. They are dramatic, sweet, loving, patient, and adventurous. Patience is key in pet-to-pet introductions. While their dramatic side could get in the way if a dog rubbed them the wrong way, their loving and adventurous side hopefully will take the lead.

13. Turkish Angora

portrait of a white turkish angora cat at home

The Turkish Angora is known for being smart, loving, and very friendly. They love to play and can easily adapt to new situations. Because they can adjust to new people and pets, they do well with young children and dogs. However, they like to have the title of top dog cat in their homes.

14. Japanese Bobtail


Black Japanese bobtail cat in dirt field

One of the tiniest cat breeds, Japanese bobtails love being the center of their family's attention. They love their people and are keen on participating in even the most mundane aspects of daily life, like watching TV. Japanese bobtails are athletic and excel at agility sports, love to travel, and enjoy spending time outdoors. They do well in homes with children and dogs.

15. Siberian

Siberian cat

Siberian cats are very smart. Cat lovers are drawn to this breed because of their adventurous side. These easy-going cats are open to sharing their homes with dogs, kids, and other pets. Nothing seems to ruffle these cats, because they are naturally calm and fearless, making them a great playmate for a canine friend. They love to play with toys and will even take part in a game of fetch.

16. Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat

This rare cat breed can be easily recognized by its distinct coat pattern. The van pattern is characterized by a stark white body, apart from coloration at the head and tail. Turkish vans are a very sociable and friendly breed, with a love for fetch and a natural affinity for water. So the next time your pup jumps in the pool or runs off to fetch a frisbee, they may want to join in.

17. Munchkin

Munchkin cat

If you immediately associated these cats with the Munchkins of The Wizard of Oz, you wouldn't be wrong in doing so! Similar in stature to the fictional Munchkins that they were named after, the munchkin cat is identified by its short legs and is thought to be the original breed of dwarf cat. These felines are a social breed who love company, whether it be that of people, or other pets. Who knows—they may just find short-legged solidarity with a stubby-legged dog like a dachshund or corgi.

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