12 Tiny Cat Breeds That Forever Look Like Kittens

One of the appeals of cats is cuddling up with them, which makes small cats the perfect choice. On average, they max out at 12 pounds. These domestic cat breeds may grow a bit as they reach adulthood, but they'll stay smaller than their large cat counterparts. Small cats are the perfect pet for families. Since they only reach 12 pounds, they are perfect companions for apartments, condos, and small houses. Also, their small size makes having more than one furry friend possible.

Most are easy-going and not difficult to care for, but some require specialized care and have high energy levels, meaning they'll need plenty of playtime. When choosing a new cat for your family, make sure that you can meet the breed's needs and that the individual cat you choose is also a good fit for your family, especially if you have other pets like dogs. When you choose well, you'll have a petite, loving cat who fits in well with your family and your lifestyle. If you're looking to add a new cat who doesn't take up too much room in your home, these 12 small cat breeds may be right for you.

1. American Curl

American curl close up

The American Curl cat is a sociable cat who is known to love children, making it ideal for families. The American Curl weighs in somewhere between five and ten pounds when full-grown. The breed earned its name because of its notable ears, which curl backward instead of standing up like typical cat ears.

This breed can be shorthaired or longhaired and is known for being very friendly. These cats often get along well with other cats or dogs in the home.

2. Cornish Rex

cornish rex tiny cat breed

It's hard to miss the Cornish Rex, with its distinctive curly coat. This short, curly coat is luxuriously soft and feels like velvet. Some people believe that the Cornish Rex cat is a hypoallergenic breed, but these cats actually continuously grow and shed their coats, and cat fur isn't to blame for cat allergies anyway.

Adult females weigh between five and seven pounds, while males are slightly larger at eight to ten pounds. These cats are very active and people-oriented, and they play like kittens during their entire lives.

3. Javanese

javanese tiny cat breed

The adult Javanese cat weighs between five and nine pounds. This beautiful breed has a medium-length coat and a fluffy tail. In Europe, this breed is referred to as the European Longhair.

The Javanese is smart, active, and constantly interested in what you're doing. These cats love to spend time with people and will happily follow you around the house for hours on end.

4. Devon Rex

devon rex tiny cat breed

Like the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex cat also has a curly, short coat. Both males and females of this petite breed weigh under eight pounds. You'll find plenty of coat color variations, including black, cream, fawn, chocolate, and more. The Devon Rex also comes in solid coat colors, along with shaded points, tabby, and tortoiseshell patterns, to name a few.

This cat's triangular head and extremely large ears make it look a little bit like an elf. These cats are energetic and active, and they love to jump up on things, so make sure that you have plenty of places in your home for them to climb and jump onto.

5. Sphynx

sphynx tiny cat breed sitting

The Sphynx weighs between six to twelve pounds, with females weighing a bit less. This hairless cat is actually covered with a coat that feels a lot like suede; it's soft and warm. Though these cats don't have hair, they still produce dander, so they're not hypoallergenic.

The Sphynx is a friendly breed, and most of these cats enjoy meeting new people. They're athletic and active, and their ears alone can measure two to three inches tall.

6. Japanese Bobtail

japanese bobtail tiny cat breed

The Japanese Bobtail is a highly social cat who loves people. The Japanese Bobtail has a lovely, soft meow and is happiest when in the company of humans. Adult females only weigh a bit over eight pounds, while adult males are heavier, weighing in at eight to twelve pounds.

This cat breed comes in many different coat colors, and coat length varies from short to medium to long. This breed is characterized by its stubby tail, which occurs naturally. The tail has all of the vertebrae of a typical cat tail, but those vertebrae are compacted into a shorter bobtail.

7. Munchkin

munchkin cat sitting on cat tree

While the Munchkin cat may have a medium-sized body, its short legs put it squarely into the tiny cat breed category. Essentially the Dachshund of the cat world, the Munchkin cat's short legs are caused by a genetic mutation. The International Cat Association officially recognizes the Munchkin, but the Cat Fanciers' Association does not recognize the breed because of the physical deformity that characterizes the Munchkin cat.

Munchkin cats may have short legs, but that doesn't slow them down at all. These cats are known to be very playful and fast. Their ability to jump is hindered by their leg length, but these cats will happily settle for hoarding away cat toys and cuddling on your lap.

8. Scottish Fold

scottish fold cat lying on ground beside ball

The Scottish fold cat has ears that fold forward, hence the origin of its name. These unusual and endearing ears stem from a genetic mutation. While kittens have ears that look normal, after two to four weeks, the ears start to fold forward.

Scottish fold cats weigh between eight and thirteen pounds, and they're sweet, calm, and social. These cats often do well with kids and dogs, as well as with other cats, so they're a popular choice for families.

9. Singapura

singapura looking away from camera

Petite, intelligent, and absolutely stunning, the Singapura is a great small breed cat. The Cat Fanciers' Association calls this breed a "pesky people cat" because of its affinity for helping its owners with absolutely every task possible around the house. Adult females weigh between five and six pounds, while males weigh between six and eight pounds.

This beautiful breed originated on the streets of Singapore and was brought to the United States in the 1970s. These cats have a coloring that's similar to the coat of a cougar, and they're slow to develop; most Singapura cats won't reach their full size until they're between fifteen and twenty-four months old.

10. Bambino

bambino looking at camera

The Bambino is a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin cat, offering the best of both breeds. It's a newer breed to the cat world. The dwarf breed was first created in 2005. These cats weigh only five to nine pounds, but don't let their size fool you— they're very active and very fast.

11. European Burmese

burmese rolling on floor

The European Burmese is a beautiful, slim, and elegant cat. Females weigh seven to ten pounds, while males weigh ten to fourteen pounds. European Burmese cats have short coats with fine, glossy hair.

These cats are very intelligent, social, and loving. They get along well with other cats and dogs and fit well into families.

12. Russian Blue

russian blue on white background

If you're looking for a strikingly beautiful cat that's small in size, you'll find it in the Russian Blue. Female Russian Blues only weigh between seven and ten pounds, while males weigh ten to twelve pounds. These cats are easily recognizable thanks to their dark grey coats and silver tips. The coat is extremely soft and dense, but these cats don't shed much.

The Russian Blue is slender yet strong and muscular and is known for developing strong relationships with people. These cats are also highly intelligent and do well with plenty of mental stimulation, which means scheduling in plenty of playtime.

These tiny cat breeds may be small, but they still have lots of love to give!

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This article was originally published on November 13, 2019.

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