The Best Cat & Dog Subscription Boxes Keep Playtime Alive

Ship some fun to your door with the best dog and cat subscription boxes out there!

Some folks order weekly food deliveries with matching recipes for quick and easy meals, while others rely on curated outfits shipped in monthly. Cat and dog lovers deserve equal time, of course, thanks to the many pet subscription boxes that arrive filled with treats, toys and other delights. Some are available as individual purchases too, making these great options for pet birthday gifts, or even a hostess gift for a pet-doting pal.

Keeping a pet entertained and satisfied means he won't decide to use your new suede boots as chew toys or scratch up the upholstery. And if you travel with your cat or dog, you can easily bring along items from the boxes so the journey's less stressful and more fun. Even just an outing to the dog park can be taken up a notch with some of the goodies contained in these curated kits. Here are a few well worth considering.

Best Cat and Dog Subscription Boxes

Happy Dog Collection

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Among dog monthly subscription boxes, this one is a standout. The cutest playthings will be on the way for dogs of every size and age. This most excellent box delivers two toys a month to keep your pooch occupied and exercised for hours. Themed pairings include a bear and hedgehog duo, stuffed monsters, light-up frisbees and a boomerang toy.

Meowbox for Cats

Order this box with or without treats, but either way your feline pal will purr contentedly when you open it. Each kit features a different theme per month as well as at least one toy that's handmade by a small business or local craftsperson. And when you sign up for this subscription, a portion of the proceeds helps to underwrite food donations to cat shelters.

The Dapper Dog

Small and medium sized pooches will enjoy five goodies with adorable names like Under the Sea and Happy Howlidays. Get ready to unpack two healthy treats or chews (never rawhide or animal bones though), two toys, and a cute bandanna for your pup to sport at the dog run.


Match your dog's size to the appropriate box and then await the monthly toys, chews, and yummy treats. A variety of playthings will arrive to keep your pup on his toes, including spiky balls, squeakers and ropes to pull on. You'll also love that the snacks are all-natural and made without wheat, corn or soy, plus you can opt for an allergy-friendly box too.

KitNip Box

Whether you have a single kitty in the house or multiple cats to entertain and reward, this company offers both types of boxes. Peer inside to discover delicious goodies and super fun toys, like interactive options, wands and, of course, playthings stuffed with cat nip. And you'll feel good about this sub since the maker donates monthly to animal shelters and rescue organizations.


The standard monthly box is rather plush (handmade treats, toys, and a skin or wellness item such as nose balm or CBD oil). But you can take the splendor up a notch with the luxury level, which has all the regular items plus a larger prize, like a cat bed, blanket, playhouse or scratcher.

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