With a Simple Swab, Pet DNA Testing Can Reveal Their Secret Past

Was your dog really raised by wolves? Does your cat seem descended from wildcats? Find out with DNA testing!

If you've always wondered why your mixed-breed pup has such as unique mug, or would like to know about any health risks for your new kitty, allow us to introduce you to pet DNA tests. Promising to unravel your pet's family history, identify heritable diseases and, yes, give some explanation for your fur kid's looks, pet genetic testing has been all the rage for the last few years - especially since Oprah Winfrey endorsed a specific kit in 2018 (more on that below).

They're easy to do - you simply swab the inside of your pet's mouth and send off the sample for testing - but depending on the kit, they can be a bit pricey. So, before investing in one, it pays to know what they provide. Feel free to start your research right here.

Pet DNA Tests

Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit

"Our test is simple to take and everyone passes!" - is the tongue-in-cheek (or should we say, swab-in-cheek?) promise from Basepaws' cat DNA kit. Once you send in the sample, in four to six weeks you'll find out about any possible genetic health threats to your favorite feline. Another fun aspect to this is learning which wild cat lineage fluffy Luna hails from. Note, however, that this one won't confirm your cat's exact domestic pedigree.


Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test

Want to know the breed of your Katy Purry within 1% certainty? Your chances are high with this kit, which claims to be able to detect more than 70 cat breeds and populations. In addition, it provides more than 45 health tests to screen for possible medical complications, and can help you ID your pet's blood type.


Wisdom Panel Premium Breed Identification & Health Condition Identification DNA Test For Dogs

If you're an ancestry buff, why stop your personal history search with just the people in your family? This test can help you trace the ancestry of your tail-wagging Taj to his great-grandparents thanks to a DNA database boasting samples from nearly 2 million other dogs. In addition, it can even recommend an ideal weight for your pup to review with your vet.


Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

As part of Oprah Winfrey's official 2018 gift list, she endorsed this dog DNA kit, commenting, "There's nothing better than discovering your roots—and that goes for fur babies too." At almost $300, the test is an investment, for sure. However, it is also one of the most comprehensive - capturing 200,000 genetic markers - and highest-rated on the market.


Orivet Dog DNA Test

Sure, your dog is your best friend. But how well do you know her, really? Put any questions to rest with this well-reviewed kit, which provides a personalized wellness plan based on your bestie's breed, age, weight, gender, geographic location and lifestyle. Even better? It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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