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Move Over, Pumpkin Spice: This Yummy Fall Latte for Dogs is a Winner!

Love pumpkin spice lattes? Now you can share with your pup, just skip the caffeine!

As we head into fall, pumpkin treats are everywhere, thanks to Starbucks setting the trend years ago. However, accessibility to tasty pumpkin treats begins long before Halloween. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin donuts, tasty treats are just waiting to be scarfed down. Since humans love pumpkin everything, it's time our four-legged friends get to enjoy some PSL magic in their lives with a tasty Halloween dog treat. Big and small dogs alike will enjoy this fall dog latte.

Pumpkin Spice Latte For Dogs


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The threepupperteers have the right idea with their homemade dog food recipes. These pups get the best DIY dog treats. If you are looking for a fall dog delight, check out their doggy pumpkin spice latte recipe.

If you want to make your furry friend this tasty drink, follow this simple recipe:

1/2 cup oat milk

1/4 cup pumpkin puree

Stir to mix the two, or you could shake it up in an airtight container. Top with whipped cream and a little ground cinnamon garnish. The total time for this recipe is less than five minutes, depending on how long it takes you to stir, giving your dog a tasty pupkin dog treat.

An easy variation of the dog recipe is to swap the oat milk with goat's milk or coconut milk, especially if your dog does not do well with grains. Make sure that you are using pumpkin puree, not pumpkin pie mix, for the latte. Remember that xylitol is incredibly dangerous for dogs to consume, so make sure it is not in the pumpkin nor any garnish you put on top of the fall dog latte.

Now all your dog needs is an adorable fall bandana, and they will be ready to enjoy fall.

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