Score the Perfect Costume for Half-Pint Halloween Hounds With These Picks

It's already hard to say no to your dog, but it's harder to say no when they're in a cute costume.


Halloween 2021 is dead ahead! Of course, you want your wee furry hobgoblin to join in the festivities. Dog Halloween costumes are more popular than ever, with bat wings, lion manes, headpieces, and references to DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and more. With so many costume ideas out there, it can be hard to pick just one for your furry friend.

When it comes to Halloween costumes for small dogs, you'll find tons of options, but browsing the cute get-ups until you spot The One for your petite pooch is part of the Halloween fun. Whether you'd like to dress your dog up as a hot dog, batman, wonder woman, a bumble bee, or superman, you can find tons of costume options on Chewy and Amazon both. If you're looking for inspiration, you can start right here!

Of course, your doggie's comfort and happiness are the most important considerations. Plenty of dogs are great sports about getting dressed up and relish the extra attention. But if yours doesn't turn out to be one of them, snap one fast pic for Instagram, then take his costume off.

To make sure you buy the right size, take out a tape measure and follow the sizing guidelines exactly. Don't rely just on weight ranges or breed examples. If possible, grab an adjustable costume that will fit large dogs and small dogs alike. Velcro can also be a life saver for costume parties. Much like dog clothes, it's hard to find a true one size fits all solution.

With that said, cue the squeals and smiles. Whether your little monster is a Frenchie, toy poodle, beagle, Doxie, bulldog, or any of the other lovable minions out there, find the perfect pet Halloween costume here. Ditch the t-shirts, bandanas, and plain bow ties, because the ultimate costume awaits.


6 Perfect Small Dog Halloween Costumes

1. Rubie's King Costume

Everyone knows His Majesty rules the house—and your heart. He'll set the hearts of his subjects all aflutter suited up as royalty.


2. Rubie's Puppy Latte Pet Costume

Do you always have a latte in your hand running around town? Deck out your co-pilot as a coordinating caffeinated treat. The ruffle "foam" really tops it off.


3. Rubie's Deluxe Cheerleader Costume

Gimme a...OMG that's the cutest thing I've ever seen! Done. If your dog raises your spirits, encouraging you to keep going every day, she may as well dress the part on Halloween.


4. Rubie's Supergirl Costume

There is nothing better than a miniature schnauzer trotting around in costume on Halloween. Unless, of course, if said costume involves a shiny red skirt.


5. Midlee Pineapple Costume

He'll be spreading cheer in a sunny yellow get-up. It's essentially a tee shirt, and the hat has a chin strap, so this tropical confection will stay on comfortably.


6. Worderful Sherlock Holmes Costume

It's elementary: your clever canine will win Halloween, strutting his stuff disguised as the world's most famous detective.

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