Eggnog the Bulldog "Sharks Out" In His Hammerhead Costume

You've heard of baby shark. Get ready for doggy shark with these cute pups in their shark dog costumes. 

Costumes are popular for pups no matter what time of year it is. So whether you prefer doggie t-shirts, bowties, or jumpsuits, there are plenty of ideas for your pup to strut their stuff.

These pups are ready for a shark attack in their shark dog costumes. From reels to stories, Instagram is full of the cutest little doggos in their sharky best!

Eggnog The Bulldog

Eggnog is killing it his hammerhead shark costume while munching on a bowl of popcorn, proving that pups can multitask in style. Who said costumes were just for Halloween? Clearly, pups can dress up in a dog outfit whenever they want. Even if it is just for woofing down some treats.

Keeping rocking that hammerhead shark look, Eggnog!

Great White Shark-Huskies!

Dun Dun... Dun Dun... Watch out!l Here comes two sharks heading into the water... Two husky sharks, that is. The Great White Sharkdog and the Killer Whale Husky! Both pups are looking adorable in their shark life jackets. The iconic shark fin tops off the blue shark color of the vest. The perfect way for large dogs to sport a shark pet costume and stay cool and safe in the water! If your small dog wants to sport a sharky life vest, too, some brands do have them in x-small!

Shark Hat!!

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If your pet dog isn't a fan of pet clothes, they can opt for a shark hat, which looks just as fierce as a full shark costume, especially on this small pet!

Fashionable Shark Costume for Dogs

If your pooch is more into high fashion dog clothes and less into sporting shark Halloween dog costumes year-round, then a shark-themed dog shirt may be up their alley. So put away their dog sweater for a day or two and opt for this cute number.

Celebrate, Sharky Style

Your four-legged friend can strike fear into the hearts of land lovers everywhere with this shark fin dog costume. It may be one step above a DIY costume, but it gets the job done. Finnegan rocks it, and we'd love to take a bite out of his shark cake!

Shark Dog Costumes Hoodie

Looking for a dog coat for your pooch? Take a look at this shark dog hoodie over on Amazon and take advantage of the free delivery. This dog costume comes in a myriad of sizes. Measure around the dog collar as well as their length and girth for the perfect puppy fit. As far as pet supplies go, a shark costume is a must-have in our minds!

The dog cat shark costume trend is one we can get behind, and it may just rival putting your best friend in a star wars costume... maybe.

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