Bigger is Better: Perfectly Petrifying Costumes for Huge Halloween Hounds

Big dogs, big personalities, and bigger costumes.

Small dog breeds seem to get all the attention. Cute little dog hoodies, dog clothes, bow ties, pooch purses, strollers, and costume ideas like bumble bees always seem to focus on diminutive dogs. But what about big dogs? For dog lovers of XXL sized dogs, it might be harder to find the perfect lion mane, bat wings, or Disney, Star Wars, Superman, or Wonder Woman costume in extra large. But with Halloween on the way, we say it's time for the gentle giants we love to show off and grab the spotlight.

First things first, though. While large breed dogs seem less fragile than their more dainty canine comrades, you still need to keep their comfort in mind. To ensure a proper fit, use a tape measure and carefully take note of the measurements specified for the costume. Don't rely on weight ranges or breed examples alone. And while your dog may well be totally fine sporting a costume, if he seems distressed in any way, take it off. Headpieces can be a point of contention with many dogs, and jumpsuits might also throw him for a loop. Some dogs can't even stand simple costumes like doggie bandanas, so this is something to keep in mind when scrolling through the x-large costumes on Amazon.

We combed through the many 2021 Halloween costumes for dogs, and narrowed the search to these funny dog costumes perfect for your Halloween party. They all look awesome on large breed dogs—and will crack up your neighbors. After the year we've all had, seeing a bulldog prancing down the street in a grass skirt is exactly what we need. So here you have them: Fun, affordable, hysterical big dog Halloween costumes. Whether you like Batman, DC Comics, Darth Vader, Marvel, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, or Minnie Mouse, get ready to break out your wallet because it might be hard to pass these up. Remember, woofers like trick-or-treating too.


Best Big Dog Halloween Costumes

1. Frisco Iridescent Witch

Dress Miss Sassypants up in this flouncy witch frock. She'll rule the night (or day) brewing up adoring looks from neighborhood friends.


2. California Costumes Collections UPS Delivery Person

Does your dog bark like crazy every time a package gets delivered? Then that makes this genius costume even funnier. You're sure to get a smile out of every delivery person who swings by on October 31st.


3. Frisco Taco Costume

Spice up any Halloween fiesta for your dog with this easy-on, easy-off, attention-grabbing costume. Hot dog costumes are out there too, if you know where to look.


4. Frisco Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Let your prehistoric pal hit the block in this two-piece ensemble that will keep him cozy if the temperature dips. Neighborhood costume contest? He'll knock it out of the (Jurassic) park.


5. Pet Krewe Hula Girl Costume

A complete Hawaiian look with a grass skirt, 'coconut' top and lei, this outfit will bring a big smile to even the grumpiest goblins. It goes on quickly and easily too, with hook and loop closures and elastic.


6. Frisco Headless Rider

What a scary-silly sight: Your big old buddy giving a lift to the headless, dogman. With one piece, this simple costume is easy to get on and off.


7. Frisco Showgirl Dog Costume

Viva Las Vegas! The hat has comfortable ear and chin straps so it stays put. Finding such a stunning outfit for your doggo will be a real feather in your cap.


8. Frisco Red Lobster Costume

Who knew crustaceans could be so darn cute? This soft, padded disguise will hold its shape and has a leash hole in back.


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