12 Pets Ready For Fall, So Bring On The Pumpkins

Bring out the pumpkins, apples, corn, and leaves. These pets are in the autumn spirit!

The first day of fall is September 22 this year, but it's not just the humans taking advantage of the season change.

Many pets prefer the cooler weather and enjoy playing in the leaves. Autumn treats like pumpkin, apples, and corn can also be healthy snacks for them.

Check out these pets that are so ready for fall!

"Roasted corn, anyone?"

"I'll just be right here. At this window. Watching the leaves change."

"Fall colors match my fur so well."

"When we go apple picking, I pluck the ones from the ground."


"I'm just gonna nibble on this pumpkin-filled basket."


"I will eat my path of fallen leaves."

"Pie season has finally arrived."

"No, but seriously. That pie is just my size."


"I love my gourds like I love my litter pan."


"They hire me to clean up the popcorn crumbs... but they don't know I'd do it for free."

"Black cats and pumpkins go together like..."

"Slow and steady wins the pumpkin carving contest."


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Halloween is just around the corner and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Embrace the falling leaves and all things fall while you can!

Do you love fall? Does your pet? Tell us in the comments below!

This article was originally published September 18, 2017.

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