Meowbox Review: My Cat (And I) Gave Our First Box "Two Paws Up"

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Want to get your cat some toys, but aren't sure which one to pick? Take a look at meowbox.

Pet subscription boxes like meowbox are incredibly popular these days, with adorable themed boxes stuffed with goodies for cat lovers to dote on their furry felines. Monthly cat subscription boxes come with fun toys and treats with plenty of opportunity for customization.

My indoor/outdoor Tortoiseshell cat named Bandit tends to lean more toward live toys when it comes to playtime. It's no secret in our neighborhood that our incredibly muscular female cat is a keen hunter; she keeps the mouse, mole and gopher population in check, and the neighbors appreciate her efforts. Coming inside is her time to rest, clean her fur, and get some traditional food and water from her food bowl. And of course, get all the human pets and snuggles she can stand before retreating to her cat bed for a little "me time" and a nap.

In the spirit of fun and a change of pace for Bandit's indoor time, I gave meowbox a try for some new toys and goodies. But could these stuffed cat toys keep her attention?

What Comes With a Meowbox Subscription?

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The team over at meowbox works to make each cat subscription box as unique to each cat as possible. Subscribers don't need to worry about their pet's dietary restrictions as meowbox picks only organic, grain-free, or limited ingredient edible items to add to their boxes. If you are super particular with your snacks and treats, or your cat has food allergies, you can always reach out to meowbox's support staff with any questions. Subscribers can select no food when ordering as well, and they will send you an extra toy instead!

According to their website, meowbox says:

"We proudly support small businesses and artisans by including at least one handcrafted, small-batch or locally-made toy in every meowbox."

Each box is designed around a monthly theme, with each of the high-quality toys representing a part of that theme.

Bandit's Meowbox Subscription Review

meowbox subscription review

Use code WOMPETS15 for 15% off your first box and receive either meowbox's current month's theme or a surprise from their "Most Popular" vault!

Bandit and I were very excited to give meowbox a try. Her doggie sister, Paisley, and I previously tried Bark Box, so Bandit felt a little left out without a subscription service of her own. For her first box, Bandit and I tried the "Day at the Lake" themed box.

When we opened the lid of the box, it was personalized with my cat's name, and the inside was filled with the cutest lake-themed toys! One box can realistically work for a multi-cat household since there are five toys, and every single cat has their own toy preferences. (Bandit was pretty happy that she does not have any feline siblings to share these with.)

My cat has never been a picky eater, so the treat was an instant hit. It was an adorable tin of meal garnished with a tuna and salmon flavor. It did not disappoint and was truly the purrrfect treat. Though the fishy smell was not my favorite, Bandit had zero complaints, shortly after purring for more.

Out of the five toys that came in the box, Bandit immediately took to an orange kayak, plopping down and snuggling it before flipping onto her back to volley it back and forth between her little black paws. She moved on to the next toy, a red cooler that even included a white rope handle. One of the toys looked like a can of food, but when we flipped it over, Bandit and I discovered that it was a can of pilsner stuffed toy with cute, squiggly strands coming out the top for her to play with.

My favorite toy was the detailed bucket hat. While it's a crinkly toy, I tried it on her; Unfortunately, she did not like her time as a fashion model. Also, I'm pretty sure I need to sleep with one eye open from now on...

Bandit's least favorite was a speed boat pulling its inner tube with the fluffy feathers. For her, when it comes to anything with feathers, she prefers the real thing.

As a whole, Bandit gave her first meowbox two paws up! Overall, I think and speak for Bandit and myself when I say that the subscription box is definitely worth it.

How To Get Your Own Meowbox Subscription

If you enjoyed our meowbox subscription review and think your feline friends will enjoy a box too, you can sign up to get one of your own here. New subscribers receive 15% off their first box (using code WOMPETS15). The first meowbox you receive will be the current month's theme, or a surprise theme from their "most popular" vault.

Your meowbox will ship within three business days of when you place your first order. Shipping is free at all times, even in Canada. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, your box ships around the midway point of each month. You can choose every month or bi-monthly, depending on your kitty's play level. Subscribe every three months or every six months, and your plan will auto-renew with your current settings.

The really nice thing about meowbox is there is not a difference in pricing between the monthly or every other month plan, making it one of the best cat subscription boxes for cat owners who want a lot of flexibility.

Icing on the cake: With every box ordered, meowbox supports shelter cats giving them a can of food. So you can make your kitty happy and keep a shelter kitty fed until they find their furrrever home!

Have you and your cat tried a meowbox subsciption? Let us know on our Wide Open Pets Facebook page. 

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