The Singapura Cat is the Smallest Cat Breed in the World

One the smallest of the domestic cats you'll find, the Singapore street cat is beloved and considered a national treasure.

Check out these cool facts we learned from Vet Street about the Singapura cat:

  • The Singapura was once the Singapore Tourism Board's national mascot.
  • This natural breed is not outcrossed to any other breeds. He is a tiny cat and does not reach his full size of five to eight pounds until he is about two years old.
  • The Singapura comes in only one color, brown ticked agouti, described as dark brown ticking against a yellowish ivory background.

History of the Singapura Cat

The Cat Fancier's Association tells us this breed was brought into the U.S. in the early 1970s by Hal and Tommy Meadow:

"Early Singapura breeders quickly went to work to establish purebred characteristics such as breeding true, uniformity of appearance, and above all, health and disposition. This careful development of the breed has led to small numbers of diversified pedigreed cats but one that is widely desired and accepted. Today the breed is worldwide and recognized by most registration associations."

Overall care

Singapuras maintain good health for most of their lives and have a life expectancy between 11 and 15 years old. Some Singapura cats are known to have been as old as 18!

A study published in the journal Genomics, found the Singapura and Burmese cats had the least genetic diversity among 22 other breeds in the study. For this reason, it is a good idea to adopt a Singapura cat from a reputable breeder who offers a health guarantee. Singapura cats are able to be found in shelters, though it's not as likely given their rarity.

Singapura cat personality 

The Singapura cat might be little, but the breed is certainly not delicate.

According to Hill's Pets, this cat has a high-energy personality that shines:

"She is a curious, highly intelligent, and frisky breed that thrives on the attention of her family. Singapura cats are muscular and love to climb and explore. They want to be in the middle of the action and will be right by your side, for instance, while you do chores—ready to play if you thrust a duster in their direction."

Generally, Singapuras don't like loud noises.

Quick facts about their coat

The Singapura's short coat is easy to groom with weekly combing and make sure to trim nails short! The Singapura comes in one coat color only. The coat color is known as sepia (dark brown). It's her eyes that come in a range of hues — from hazel to copper and celadon green to gold.

The Singapura cat breed is the smallest cat breed! This must appeal to many cat owners. Health issues and health problems may result from having a small gene pool, which can sometimes be problematic.

Their small size, brown color, energy level, playfulness, large eyes, and shorthair make the Singapura breed one of the best cat breed options for apartment dwellers.

You should contact the International Cat Association and The Cat Fanciers' Association about cat breeders. These brown cats are a very popular breed of cat!

Are you lucky enough to live with a Singapura cat? If you do, tell us what they're like below in the comments! 

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