Probiotics for Cats: The Benefits + How to Give Them to Your Cats

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Just like our dogs, our feline friends can also benefit from the healthy bacteria found in probiotics.

The different strains of bacteria that you'll find in cat probiotics aid in your cat's digestive tract health and intestinal microflora. This means that your cat will have a healthy gut! I think we can all agree that an upset tummy doesn't feel great at all. You can find a variety of probiotic supplements for adult cats on Amazon and Chewy.

Probiotics are available in the form of soft chews, liquid drops, and more. Pet parents, do your felines a solid and look out for their digestive health as you raise them. Have you noticed that your cat may have digestive issues? Constipation or an upset stomach is no fun for cats. An empty litter box or even one full of loose stool will let you know. If this is the case, a daily probiotic will help your cat's gut health.

The benefits of probiotics include preventing and treating runny stool. So if your cat has digestive problems, this could help! Also, gut bacteria fosters a healthy digestive tract.

Probiotics are great for your cat's overall health.

How to Give Your Cat Probiotics

You can layer a scoop on your cat's food. (This works for both powder form and tincture types of probiotics.) Some cat owners prefer putting it in wet food, and some think their cats prefer it in dry food. It's worth giving both a try so you can understand which one your cat likes better.

The Best Probiotics for Cats

1. Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora Cat Probiotic Supplement

This is the number one bestseller in cat probiotics on Amazon. Each packet has live microorganisms that foster a healthy microflora. For a healthy gut flora, your cat needs beneficial bacteria living inside of its intestines. It's a great feline probiotic for cats with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) or diarrhea.

2. Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Cats

A second option is from PetUltimates. A customer mentioned that she loves this powder supplement because it doesn't involve pill-taking for her pets. All you have to do is put 1/8th teaspoon probiotics powder in your cat's food each day, and you're good to go.

It was even mentioned in reviews that someone wasn't sure what was wrong with her cat. After many vet visits without causation, she tried a cat supplement, and now her fur baby is feeling nothing less than pur-fect! I'd say that some friendly bacteria not only benefit your cat's digestive system but it also helps their well-being.

3. VetriScience Probiotic Everyday for Cats

You can find VetriScience capsules on Chewy or opt for chews on Amazon. This is a great option for an upset stomach that comes from traveling or kenneling. It's no surprise that stress can cause a sour tummy. Add these duck-flavored chews to your cat's diet for good bacteria that their bodies need. You'll be doing their overall health some good as well!

4. VETFLIX Probiotics for Dogs & Cats Digestive Enzymes

Vetflix has a great option for drops. If you know your cat has a keen eye for noticing new cat food and treats (and aren't usually a fan of them), you can sneak a few drops in your cat's wet food or dry food without them even noticing. Just like human probiotics, these pet probiotics are perfect for pets that just got off antibiotics. Get back healthy live bacteria with the help of good probiotic strains.

5. FERA Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

This probiotic is also suitable for both cats and dogs. With organic prebiotics, this formula contains 5 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) per scoop. With that much healthy bacteria, I don't see why this probiotic powder couldn't be a great choice.

Many pet owners do not report bad side effects on the reviews! For more pet immune system products for your cat's health and sensitive stomach, visit Chewy.

This post was originally published on January 3, 2020.

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