Bombay Cats Are the Panthers of the House

If you're looking to house a panther in your home, look no further than the Bombay Cat!

Interested in Bombay cats? This is a very opinionated cat! Bombays are also a rare cat breed, so you'll need to do your research if you want to live with a Bombay. This domesticated cat is bred to look like a wild cat and they resemble a black panther with beautiful copper eyes.

The best part about living with these cats? They are known for being easy-going and sociable. Bombays will greet your guests at the door and then immediately sit in their laps

Which cat lover bred the Bombay?

In 1953, Louisville, Kentucky, cat breeder Nikki Horner loved her black cats so much she created a cat that she referred to as a parlor panther. The breed is a result of a cross-bred grand champion sable Burmese and a black American Shorthair with copper-colored eyes. tells us,

"When you look at a Bombay, you see a muscular, medium-sized cat. If you were to pick him up, you would find that he is heftier than he looks."

Are they healthy?

It is often said that Bombays may have sinus problems and runny noses, but they are generally known to be very healthy cats. There is one potential health concern cat lovers should have on their radar. According to Catster, "They still have a slightly higher than usual risk for developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. "

What do they eat to keep their coats so beautiful? 

Bombay Cat

Bombays do not need a special diet, but it should be well balanced. A high-quality wet food or dry kibble is what most owners will lean towards. Don't overfeed them as they tend to become obese easily.

These short hair cats do need to be brushed weekly, too so add weekly brushing to your list of regular cat care. Bombays are rare! You may want to contact or join the Bombay and Asian Cats Breed Club for a list of breeders. 

How can you add a Bombay cat to your home? 

In 1978, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) gave the Bombay full recognition. Most North American cat associations recognize the breed today. 

The International Cat Association is another organization where you can find a reputable breeder, and they can provide more details about this particular cat breed. Be sure to put a lot of research into the Bombay kittens before bringing them home.

Also, ask the cat breeder about the temperament and personality of their kittens as well as any potential health problems. The Bombay cat breed is going to be the top cat in the household - make no mistake about that!

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