Granger Smith Parodies His Own Song with a Bunch of Cats

Country music singer Granger Smith decided his song needed to be parodied, so he created a fun song dedicated entirely to cats.

If you've spent any amount of time listening to country music radio lately, then chances are you've heard Granger Smith's song, "It Happens Like That." The country hit is catchy, gets completely stuck in your head, and is perfect for belting out in the car at the top of your lungs.

But Granger Smith decided that "It Happens Like That" was just too good of a song for us to only have one version of it to enjoy. He decided to parody his own song, changing the title to "I Happen to Like Cats," and then changing up all of the lyrics, too.

And since every great country song needs a great music video, he took care of that, too.

Take a look.


Usually songs are parodied by other artists or fans, but in this case we're glad that Granger decided to create his own parody. It's super fun, and the video is full of some adorable cats. Granger Tweeted out the link to his new video and the fan reaction has been wholeheartedly positive, with fans calling the video "comedy gold" and some suggesting that Granger include the song as a bonus track on his album.

He even gained a new fan in the UK, pretty much just because he likes cats...

By the way, do you like the cat shirt that Granger's wearing in the video? You can buy it on his website, or possibly even win it from Granger, himself.

Well done, Granger Smith. Cat lovers approve!

What do you think of this new music video and song? Tell us in the comments below!

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