Maine Coon's: The "Gentle Giants" of the Feline World

While they may look wild, Maine coons are 100% domestic cats. Their furry faces and pointy ears give them a bobcat-like appearance, which is enhanced by their large bodies. They are the longest domestic cats but have the sweetest personalities. They are known for being "gentle giants."

Maine coon have been around for a very long time, even though their origins are a little unclear. Marie Antoinette is rumored to own one of the beauties, which makes total sense. You can just imagine one of these large cats trotting along next to France's monarch. The cat may have been the only thing longer than her hair! Maine coons are frequent visitors to the winner's circle at cat shows and have been a part of the Cat Fanciers Association champions circle since 1976. However, their champion status started with a female Maine coon named Cosey, who won Best in Show in the first cat show, which was held in Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1895. Another purebred Maine coon, Stewie, set the Guinness World record back in 2013 for the largest domestic cat breed. He was 48.5 inches long!

Here's a look at some more fun Maine coon facts!

Breed Origins

Maine Coon lays on couch

While its true ancestral origins are unknown, the Maine coon bears a resemblance to the Norwegian forest cat, suggesting it was brought to North America by way of the Vikings. They were famous for having this breed of cat aboard their ships. One myth about the cat is that they got their bushy tail from their cat ancestors breeding with raccoons, which is not very likely.

These long-haired beauties are built for the cold. Their large paws act like snowshoes protecting them from the cold ground. They also have a bushy tail that provides extra warmth if their coat doesn't do the trick. The Maine coon's coat is thick and water-resistant and is also longer around the stomach, flanks, and ruff. The added length keeps them warm and toasty. Since they have long hair, they do need frequent grooming to avoid getting matted fur.

To say that Maine coons come in a wide variety of colors would be a vast understatement. These cats come in around 75 color combinations. Some popular colors are tortoiseshell, bi-color, calico, shaded, white, red, blue, black, cream, and tabby Maine coons. The rarest colors are silver and gold and the solid orange Maine coon.

Personality & Temperament

Maine Coon looks left in a field

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These kitties are more than just a pretty face! Maine coon cats are incredibly smart, and many owners say they have a dog-like personality because they're so easily trained. They are also plenty entertaining and will keep their owners laughing with all of their clowning around. Maine coons also like to help out around the house. These four-legged assistants will lend a paw with chores like going to the bathroom and doing the dishes (in a supervisory role, of course). They are also known for their mild manners and friendliness, making them great family pets and therapy cats.

What Are Some of the Maine Coon's Favorite Activities?

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These large cats are very sociable and like to be a part of their family's activities. They aren't just house cats; they like to go outside to play and hunt and will even watch over your garden for you. Inside they like to play with strings, laser pointers, catnip toys, and battery-operated mice. To stave off any health problems, they need about 20 minutes of exercise daily. Like a dog, they will play fetch with their owners, and some have even been trained to wear a harness and go on walks. Another fun fact about their personality is that instead of a meow, they communicate by chirping!

Maine Coon Kitten Cost

If you are looking for a Maine coon kitten, you may be able to locate one at your local shelter, but your best bet will be through a breeder. On average, kittens cost between $1,000 to $2,000. If you are lucky enough to find one at the shelter, they will cost a lot less!

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