Tame Tough Tangles With This $30 Dematting Comb

Pet hair doesn't have to be everywhere!

Sometimes things can get a little out of hand. Perhaps you adopted a long hair dog or took in your grandma's Persian cat. Sure, you knew the responsibility involved in grooming their long fur. Maybe you even stocked up on pet supplies like pet combs, detanglers, conditioners, clippers, and even a slicker brush.

There was going to be nothing in between you and your pooch's nightly brushing routine. Except, that is, LIFE. Once that kicked into high gear, that daily brushing went out the window, along with all the pet hair as you were driving with your windows down on the way to work. And now, even worse, your cat is losing hair due to separation anxiety. This crazy cycle can be hard to put a stop to. You'll be ready to pull your own hair out. Fortunately, if you skipped the short hair version of your pet and are dealing with matted hair, sensitive skin, and a safari at home, we've got the answer to all your pet dematting needs. Dematting combs save the day.

Why You Need a Dematting Comb 

Pets have what's known as an undercoat. It's soft and downy and is usually located in abundance on hindquarters and the bellies of long-haired cat breeds and dogs, such as the faithful golden retriever. If you've ever had a long-haired pet, you know how important it is to brush and access the soft undercoat. Why? Because eventually, that undercoat will begin to mat up.

Matting is a serious and painful experience for pets. It not only affects their appearance but their mental health and wellness too. Fortunately, dematting tools exist, with rounded ends, stainless steel teeth, silicone handles, slip handles, and various types of bristles for all your dog grooming or cat grooming needs. Whether you need a dog brush or a cat brush, these dematting combs will help you detangle with ease.

1. Pet Grooming Tool - 2 Sided Undercoat Rake for Cats & Dogs - Safe Dematting Comb for Easy Mats & Tangles Removing - No More Nasty Shedding and...

This high-quality grooming rake tool has a 2-1 feature. First, you'll begin with the 9-teeth side to get through stubborn mats and tangles, and then switch to the 17-teeth side for deshedding loose hair from the coat. A grooming brush like this with stainless steel blades will easily work through all of your Goldendoodle's fur without irritating your pet's skin. That's a win.

2. FURminator for Cats, deShedding Tool for Cats 


Complete with a comfort grip ergonomic handle, the FURminator is ready to take on the worst of matted fur and long coats. This cat brush can also be used on long-haired dogs. It's been a favorite grooming rake for cat and dog dematting for years.

Whether you own a teacup poodle or a long hair cat, detangling their undercoat and removing loose hair can prevent a costly trip to the groomer. With over 7500 customer reviews on Amazon, we're confident that if this small dog comb can't remove mats, then maybe nothing can. Available on Amazon for $29.95, including free delivery (less than a couple of business days) and free returns. The total price for the comfort of your pet's skin is priceless.

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