Remove Unwanted Pet Hair With Our Fur-Friendly Picks

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Just because you're a pet owner doesn't mean you have to show it on your clothes!

One of the biggest giveaways that you have a dog or cat is the pet hair attached to your clothes. If you have a pet, surely you have pet hair sticking to the bottom of your socks as we speak! It's just one of the small cons of owning a pet. It's completely normalized these days to have a few strands of dog or cat fur on your clothes, but once it's out of control, it's time for a washing machine hair catcher or other pet hair removal products to make life a little cleaner.

If you're wondering what you can do to remove pet hair from clothing before washing clothes, it's best to start with the source of the problem. Usually, pet owners will find that their dogs or cats need a pet grooming appointment once loose hair has marked its territory on their upholstery and fresh laundry.

A source of fish oil will keep your pet's coat feeling smooth and shiny. If they're not feeling dry and itchy, they won't scratch as much, which means you'll have less of a hair problem. Chewy has a variety of omega-rich fish oils you can find here.

You've probably noticed by now that your pet's hair isn't going anywhere. No matter how many times you clean the lint filter, there's always going to be pet hair floating around your dryer. You might even find a lot in your washing machine since your pet's hair isn't going to break down during a rinse cycle. Here are some products on Amazon that dog and cat owners swear by.

Pet Hair Removal Products for Laundry & More

Washing Machine Hair Catcher

These washing machine hair catchers will float on the top of your washing machine. As they float, they will absorb excess hair into the net. They can help put an end to clogging filters. They also come with mesh filter bags.

Dog and Cat Hair Remover Sheets

These remover sheets are amazing! They do work on your clothes, but since the sheets are large I recommend them for cleaning couches, pillows, and car seats.

Pet Hair Roller Lint Remover

If your cheap lint roller isn't cutting it, consider these. They're much more effective than typical lint rollers. This high-quality roller is designed for shedding hair. Customer reviews are amazing.

Pet Hair Cleaning Tools

Pet Hair Removal Broom with Telescoping Handle

The main reason why I love rubber bristles is that you can rinse them off in the sink. With a typical broom, bristles can be ruined by water. Cleaning long hair from nylon brooms is awful. Opt for a rubber broom like this one. It's made to pick up hair that your furry friend leaves behind.

Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

Get to the root of the problem and give your dog a lovely bath and grooming session. Choose from short hair and long hair tools. Customers are saying great things about this shedding tool!

Whether you decide on a washing machine hair catcher or a great brush, these products will make life with your pet a lot easier. Of course, you'll never be 100% hair-free, but these products will make your clothes and home look so much cleaner!

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This article was originally published April 21, 2020.

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