Cat Grooming Tools to Save Cat Owners A Lot of Grief During Bath Time

Cats groom themselves, but sometimes they need a little bit of help.

Cat grooming tools are common, but we tend to assume that cats are totally self-sufficient when it comes to personal care. They always seem to be licking themselves, wetting their paws and wiping their faces. We think of them as little neat animals. What possible help could they need from us?

Plenty, it turns out. The cat's superficial self-cleansing cannot get deep under the coat, and remove the shed fur and the dead skin. And getting rid of all that is important in preventing hairballs from forming. So kitty needs to be groomed.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals tells us that long-haired cats need to be groomed every day, and short haired cats need to be groomed once a week. What makes up a good cat-grooming kit? Here are our top picks for brushes and more.

Best Cat Grooming Tools

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

This grooming brush has fine wire bristles that are curved. The curvature allows the brush to remove tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt without scratching your feline friend's skin. Brushing also stimulates blood flow, which makes for healthy skin and fur. The bristles are retractable—press a button and they go inside the unit, leaving the shed fur and other debris behind to be discarded.

Delomo Grooming Glove

This glove transforms petting into grooming. For cats with sensitive skin or an intense dislike of brushes, the grooming glove may be the answer. It brushes away dirt and loose hair. It also gives the cat a massage, as you stroke your gloved hands over her. Plus, these gloves are conveniently machine washable.

Necoichi Purrcision Cat Clippers

Fluffy's grooming routine should include a regular manicure. In clipping feline nails, you need to be careful not to cut the quick—the area at the base of the nail where there are blood vessels. Necoichi's clippers have thin blades, so that the quick is more readily visible during the clipping process and is less likely to be accidentally cut. This product is made in Seki City, Japan—a place long known for expert swordsmiths. Hey, you may feel like a samurai as you take on sharp cat claws.

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag

People often say, 'Don't let the cat out of the bag.' And this is a situation where that saying can be taken literally. As any cat parent can attest, it isn't easy to get a cat to stay still. Enter the cat grooming bag. It can be used for all those times when your pet needs to be gently and comfortably immobilized—nail clipping, bathing, grooming, vet visits and medicating. The bag, available in three sizes, is partly mesh, allowing water to drain out during bathing.

Leo Iris Pet Grooming Hammock

This sling accomplishes the same thing as a grooming bag—it keeps the cat still for nail clipping and other tricky endeavors. But it hangs from a closet rod and doubles as a towel. Plus, the sling (which can also be used for dogs, in the appropriate size) comes with nail clippers, a nail file and a comb.

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This article was originally published on November 22, 2021.

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