Cat Books Make the Perfect Gift for the Cat People in Your Life

With winter time comes reading time!

December is here, and that means two things. The nights are long and cold. So it's awesome to have a furry feline companion to bring warmth to your lap and purrs to your evenings. And, most likely, you need gift ideas. Enter, in both situations, a good book—about cats.

A wonderful way to pass a wintry night at home is by reading. As you enjoy your cat's company, unwind and learn more about her. For the cat fanciers on your holiday list, what better gift than a volume that inspires even greater appreciation for felines? You can find stellar choices from the categories of photography, culture, poetry, history, behavior, and fiction.

Good books for dog lovers abound. Options for cat people are a bit harder to find. So, here are our go-to suggestions.

The Cat Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide

DK publishing presents a comprehensive guide to all things feline. From cats in human culture to cat anatomy, from art to superstitions, this is a go-to authority. It features information on 130 different cat breeds, and is filled with vivid photos.


Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats 

Have you slogged your way through The Waste-land? Here's a nice surprise: T. S. Eliot had a lighter side. The great 20th century American poet introduces us to vivid feline characters like Old Deuteronomy and the Rum Tum Tugger. This book of light verse is the basis for the Broadway musical 'Cats.' It ends not with a bang but a whisker.

Walter Chandoha. Cats: Photographs 1942-1978 

Chandoha is celebrated as the greatest of cat photographers. This is a gathering of his best photos. On a winter night in New York City, Chandoha, as a young student, picked up a stray kitten from the snow. He put it under his coat and carried it home. That simple act of kindness spawned a lifelong career of immortalizing the cat. Find inspiration in the feline beauty captured by Chandoha's camera.

Cat Life: Celebrating the History, Culture and Love of the Cat

This book, peppered with elegant photos, surveys the cat's role in history, culture and art. The section on Egypt's exaltation of the cat is particularly fascinating (an Egyptian woman's beauty was measured by how closely she resembled a cat!) We learn that during WWII, Churchill and FDR expressed their love for cats, while Hitler openly despised them. The book also includes chapters on cat care and the differences between breeds.

Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat

Jackson Galaxy, host of the TV show 'My Cat from Hell,' is the most celebrated kitty Sherpa of our time. Galaxy helps us understand feline behavior by exploring the cat's natural instincts. He explains feline physical and emotional needs, and how we can meet them. Here is a book that can revolutionize your relationship with your cat, whether kitten or senior.

The Cat Who Came for Christmas

Cleveland Amory was a celebrated television commentator in the 1960s and 1970s. He also was a passionate partisan for animal welfare. This book straddles two genres—the cat book and the Christmas book—and enriches them both. In this true story, Amory rescues a dirty white cat from a New York City alley on Christmas Eve. Amory considered himself a dog person, but the feline he dubbed Polar Bear became a central part of his life. Here is a cat book that will make you merry any time of year!

Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (And Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)

Stand-up comedian Jeremy Greenberg shows us a cat's perspective in this book of uproarious letters. Example: Kitty is sorrowful over puking on the bed only because now she must be inconvenienced by moving to your clean laundry pile. You'll get lots of laughs from this volume, as Greenberg tells you what your feline friend is really thinking.

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