Purrfect Cat Games: 10 Ways to Prevent Boredom & Destructive Behavior

Do you have cat mojo? If you live with a cat you need to know about The Jackson Galaxy Project. Cat expert, Jackson Galaxy talks about playing with your cats, behavior and training and ways to prevent destructive behavior. Our research for these product recommendations was influenced by what we read on Jackson's site, search the hashtag #teamcatmojo tips. You will not be disappointed.

In addition, our recommendations for top games for cats also came from our fave expert source on all things behavior, Beyond Squeaky Toys.

The authors tell us,

"Boredom is one of the most common contributors to problem behaviors in dogs and cats.  A cat that is bored may scratch and bite, claw on furniture and urinate in the house."

We often hear from readers that cats can be challenging and zoos have been using environmental enrichment with "big" cats for decades so cat owners should follow their lead! What are appropriate outlets for cats so they can display their natural breed behaviors? Puzzle toys! Many of these ideas come from the following book.

Beyond Squeaky Toys: Innovative ideas for eliminating problem behaviors and enriching the lives of dogs and cats 

Available for $29.95 on Amazon, you'll find some of our ideas and many others in this amazing resource for pet parents.

We're starting with two Jackson Galaxy approved products since we're his biggest fans.

1. Jackson Galaxy Ground Wand With Worm Toy 

Hunting is the game your cat will love the most! Available for $14.99. 

2. Petmate Jackson Galaxy Gound Wand with Iguana

This game features a telescoping wand that allows cat families to direct interactive play. Jackson Galaxy talks about your cat's hunting instincts and how important those are! Available for $13.78. 

3. SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug

This is an award-winning product! It's a multi-function activity center with a bed and play space. Available for $39.99. 

4. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

This game features multiple tubes that stimulate natural pawing behavior in a fun manner and can be used with kibble and treats. Available for $14.99. 

5. PlayStation Interactive Cat Toys for Cats and Kittens

There are three balls, each on its own track, so multiple cats can share and play together! Available for $8.99. 

6. Toys For Cat - Ball Interactive Automatic Rolling Light Entertainment Exercise For Cats

The toy rolls irregularly and changes direction on its own when it meets resistance. The light on the ball will attract the cats chasing, swatting and running! It's a special light, that will never hurt your cat's eyes. Available for $16.99. 

7. KOOBA Mouse Feather Interactive Motion Cat Toy

This is a game Jackson Galaxy would love! When swinging the mouse spring, squeak sound and light up eyes will attract your cat's attention. The feathers will also be a hit! Available for $10.80.  

8. Zenes Funny Cat Toy Butterfly - Electric Flutter Rotating Butterfly

The Funny Butterfly Cat Toy flutters and flies around unpredictably, driving your cat wild and encouraging active play. You could watch your cat for hours -the natural movement will make this game their fave! Available for $15.99. 

9. LECWAY Puzzles for Cats

This puzzle cat catching board toy, includes 12 holes, 2 bell balls. The cat can use the claws to push the ball in the hole, the ball rolls in the track, and makes a sound attracting the cat's attention. Available for $19.99. 

10. PAWABOO Cat Tunnel, Premium S-Shaped / 3-Way / 4-Way / 5-Way Tunnels

This "agility" tunnel has spacious connected tunnels for your cat to hide in, stalk, pounce and chase other cats in. Available for $23.99 in the 5-way. It starts at $11.99. 

As you can see based on this list and the experts at, cats love the following types of games:

  • Mysteriously moving objects - This game plays on your cat's natural curiosity!
  • Cat-fishing

"Like the above game, this one involves a favorite toy, and a long bit of string. This time, toss the toy over a door, while you hide on the other side. Like the popular children's carnival game of "fishing for a prize" you'll be fishing for your cat!"

  • Kitty Parade - Walk around the house first and take your cat for a walk while she follows her food. Throw a few bites while you walk around!

These fun cat games will prevent any destructive behavior and whether it's hide-and-seek or wand toys the games we suggest are sure to become your cat's favorite toys. Honestly, most cat owners will agree that cardboard boxes are sometimes the best hide-and-seek "toys"!

Play sessions are very important as you want to bring out your cat's instincts with some of the new games we include on this list. The cat food games seem to be the most popular with our staff's cats!

Another game you should play with your cats? The Deluxe ball pit. 

What games do you play with your cats? Please leave a comment below!

This post was originally published on March 26, 2019.

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