5 Catnip Varieties That Actually Work

It's hard to find a cat who doesn't love catnip.

The best catnip is natural, affordable, and enjoyable for your cat. Cat lovers can grow their own, but not everyone has that kind of time. Fortunately, products abound, from dried to sprays and more. But does catnip actually work? Is it safe? What are the side effects?

According to ScienceDirect.com:

"Responsiveness is mainly based on "active" behaviors, such as rolling over. Results indicated that about 20% of the cats (adults and juvenile only) displayed active behaviors (i.e. rolling over), whereas 80% displayed passive responses at any age (sphinx-like position, decreased frequency in vocalizations, and decreased motor activity). These results suggest that all cats respond to catnip but they express it actively, passively or with a combination of both types of responses."

Catnip is a weed that's native to Europe, Asia, and Africa, and the plant was brought to North America by settlers. Yes, you heard us right... it's a weed! As a member of the mint family, catnip is also considered an herb. This perennial herb has a chemical compound that attracts and affects cats called nepetalactone. This chemical acts as a sedative, but when smelled, cats go crazy! You might see your cat sniffing, licking, chewing & drooling, purring, chin & cheek rubbing. Fun Fact: catnip doesn't have any impact on kittens until they're six months old. Catnip is natural and you can even grow it yourself, but why go through all that trouble when you don't have to? After research with our feline friends, these are the top products they'll want to roll around in.

Best Catnip for Feline Friends

1. Cat Crack Catnip, Premium Blend Safe for Cats


Sprinkle any amount on your kitty's favorite toy, bed, or scratching post, and watch them purr, roll, meow, and play for hours!

2. SmartyKat Organic Catnip


This catnip is 100% certified organic and is safe, pure, & potent without chemicals, pesticides, or fillers. You can shake or pour it over the best catnip toys or bedding.

3. Spray Rejuvenator

This training tool is great for cat beds and scratching posts. It's made with Catnip essential oil and water. 

4. Yeowww Bags


This brand is made from pure premium flower top blend! And it says it packs a punch even for older cats. This catnip is for felines of every age and is potent enough to give your cat something to meow about.

5. Our Pets Premium North American Grown

Sprinkle this on toys to redirect any destructive behavior. 

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