The 7 Herbs Your Dog Can Actually Eat, So Plant Them Now

Plants were the original pharmacy for humans and animals and cultures around the world developed remedies that remain in use today. If you plan to grow an herb garden you need to consider which herbs are safe for your four-legged friends! Ordering seeds online while you're considering garden prep is a great activity before spring is in full swing. Lavender is one of my favorite herbs for the garden!

Basil has been used for thousands of years as a culinary and medicinal herb. It acts principally on the digestive and nervous systems, easing flatulence, stomach cramps, colic, and indigestion. I use this with the hounds in dog treats and sometimes as a topper. 

So how do you give your dog herbs? Can you give them fresh or dry? In my house, we add herbs to dog treats we're making and in some cases as a topper on their meals.

Why Herbs?

Pet Herbs Spring Safe to Eat

Consider adding the below seven "culinary" herbs (like dandelion greens!) to your dog's food as some of these will help with upset stomach, anti-inflammatory issues, anti-fungal problems, and digestive problems. Some herbs even have cancer-fighting properties.

Herbs can be used with both small dogs and large dogs but if there are any questions about how these may impact your dog's health, you should contact a holistic veterinarian to help guide you. Some herbs like wormwood need to be used with caution so not all herbs are safe for dogs in certain quantities. What we focus on in this list are mainly culinary herbs but there are many beyond this short list.

Fresh herbs have so many health benefits! These herbs can really be added to any dog treat recipe. Try introducing one herb at first to your dog's diet to ensure the herbal remedies are agreeing with their stomachs.

The 7 Seeds to Grow

Herbs For Dogs

Dogs Naturally Magazine tells us,

"Culinary herbs help maintain dogs at a healthy performance level with just a sprinkling on their food. Try adding one herb at a time over the course of a week to ensure it agrees with your dog's system. A rotation of several herbs will keep the menu interesting."

These seven are popular herbs that many people use when they cook and they are easy to grow and have some nice healing properties.

1. David's Garden Seeds Herb Dandelion


Roots and leaves are a blood cleanser, diuretic and liver stimulant. 200 seeds for $7.95. 

2. Park Seed Oregano Seeds


Oregano strengthens the immune system. They always say you will smell it before you see it when you're talking about Oregano seeds. 100 seeds for $3.95. 

3. Basil Seeds - Large Leaf Italian Sweet Basil Heirloom Seeds 


Basil is wonderful and acts as an antibacterial for animals. It also promotes mucous membrane health. 100+ seeds sell for $1.70.

4. Plain Italian Parsley Seeds


Parsley is often added to dog treats as a breath freshener or used to soothe the stomach. 600 seeds for $1.95! 

5. Seeds Mint Peppermint Lydia Herbs Perennial Plant for Planting 


Mint is an antioxidant, aids in respiratory health, digestive aid, and lowers body temperature naturally. 100 seeds for $6.98. 

6. Burpee Common (Organic) Sage Seeds


Sage is a natural health promoter. This herb has astringent and anti-microbial properties that make it useful for healing skin infections and treating oral ulcerations. 100 seeds for $6.89. 

7. Outsidepride Roman Chamomile Herb Plant Seeds


Chamomile delivers reliable antispasmodic, and mild sedative effects to the digestive system, making it useful in cases of indigestion or vomiting. 25,000 seeds for $6.49. 

Ginger, calendula, and dandelion are commonly used for digestion issues.

Have you used herbs with your animals? Which are your favorite herbs to grow in the garden? Please leave a comment below!

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