6 Cat Body Language Signs You Need to Be Able to Read

Jackson Galaxy has some important lessons about cat body language that every cat owner should hear.

Being able to read your cat's body language is an important aspect of being a good cat owner. The better you can read your cat's mood, the better you can respond appropriately to what he's feeling.

Cats use body language to communicate when they're happy, playful, excited, aggravated, and afraid. Misreading those signals may result in your cat getting upset, biting you, or running away. Remember that your cat talks with its body.

Cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy has created this great short video that provides a quick overview of the essential signals you need to know if you want to read your cat. Take a look!

Galaxy highlighted a number of cat body language signals that are frequently misread to the untrained eye. For instance, many people interpret a cat's wagging tail as signifying the housecat is happy, when it often means the opposite. The same is true of other signals, like a cat rolling over and exposing its belly which is a good indicator of mutual trust but that doesn't mean you should scratch it...

After watching the video, spend some time watching your cat throughout the day. Do you see him using some of the body language in the video like the Halloween cat posture? Can you tell when he's happy and wants to spend time with you versus when he's not so content and would like some space?

Other things to pay close attention to are dilated pupils, your cat's tail position, your cat's ear positions, their body postures, and facial expressions. You will soon be an expert in feline communication.


Taking the time to learn feline body language will mean you can better understand the messages your cat is trying to tell you. And both you and your cat will probably be happier as a result.

Did any of the lessons in the video surprise you? Which ones? Tell us in the comments.

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