Cole and Marmalade Love Their Deluxe Cat Ball Pit

These lucky cats were treated to a deluxe ball pit all of their own, and it looks like this new toy was a big success. 

We all know that Cole and Marmalade live a life of luxury. They're treated to some awesome cat toys, tons of fun experiences, and loads of love and attention. Well, their newest experience involves a deluxe ball pit, and from the looks of it, that ball pit was a hit.

Cole and Marmalade start off by exploring this fun cardboard box complex which, in itself, would be enough entertainment for any cat. But then the balls are added, and the cardboard complex becomes a deluxe ball pit. Let the fun begin!

Take a look as Cole and Marmalade check out their ball pit.

Want to treat your own cat to a fun experience like Cole and Marmalade had? You can certainly make your own deluxe ball pit. Gather up some cardboard boxes, tape them together, and cut some holes in the sides so the balls can travel through. You can buy ball pit balls from any number of sources, including on Amazon.

There are plenty of other ways you can keep your cat entertained. Everyday items, like rolled up balls of paper, can make fun toys for your cats. Be sure to check out our post on DIY cat toys you can make yourself for fun ideas.

Adding a cat tree or other types of cat furniture to your home can give your cats some more entertainment even when you're not around to play with them. You can make fun games out of hiding cat treats around the house, and there are cat toys that make your cat's mealtime into playtime, too. Don't forget to check out the NoBowl Feeding System, which helps to satisfy your cat's natural instinct to hunt.

From ball pits to creative toys, there are dozens of ways you can keep your cat entertained.

Do you think your cat would enjoy a ball pit? Tell us in the comments!

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