Here's What Cat People Really Do When It's Cold Outside

When winter weather arrives and the temperatures drop, you can bet that you'll find most cat people doing this one particular thing. 

The temperature's dropped below freezing, there's ice on the sidewalks, the wind's blowing, and the snow has begun to fall. If you love the cold, that's great, but if you're not a fan of winter, you may want to curl up in your house and wait until it's spring. Cat people? Well, here's what cat people do in the winter.

When you have a cat, you have a cuddling companion who also hates the cold. In fact, your cat would prefer to be as warm as possible, so it's the perfect excuse to stay indoors, dig out some warm blankets, crank up the fire, and pass the days reading, watching TV, and spending some time with your cat.

Here's what Cole and Marmalade do when it's cold out.

There's nothing nicer than a warm, purring, cuddly cat who wants to snuggle with you when it's cold outside. In fact, cats are pretty great at climbing into our laps and convincing us not to get up and disturb them, no matter if the phone's ringing, you're out of coffee, or you really need to go to the bathroom.

What's that? You can't spend all day cuddling with your cat? Well, you're not the only one. If you'd like to keep your cat warm and cozy when you're not available to serve as a human heating pad, there are some other things you can do. Consider getting your cat a nice cat bed so he can stay cozy, or place some warm blankets on the couch. Most cats will love a place where they can soak up the sun, so investing in a window seat or putting blankets up on a window ledge will give your cat a new favorite place to hang out.

Sick of winter? Don't worry - spring will be here soon!

Where does your cat like to hang out during the winter months? 

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