Cat Water Fountains Can Save Your Feline Friend From Costly Vet Bills

Cats love to drink from faucets.

Cat water fountains might be a little pricey, but they can save you infinite trips to the sink when feline thirst calls. You might have even seen videos on social media of cats who've learned to turn on the faucet by themselves. As soon as he hears me step out of the shower, my own cat jumps into the tub, where he licks the last few drips coming out of the faucet.

Cat water fountains seek to replicate that faucet experience. The reason, though, is not just because it's fun for your cat. Much more importantly, it ups the odds your cat will drink enough to avoid dehydration. Cats are prone to it; unlike dogs, many felines don't have the urge to lap up water from a bowl regularly.

So let's take a close look at two comparable, highly-rated, top selling cat water fountains: the Cepheus 360 Ceramic Fountain and the Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain.

Cepheus 360 Ceramic Fountain


Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain

Cat Water Fountain Similarities

Both of these cat water fountains dispense free flowing water. That replaces the stagnant water of the typical cat bowl. The moving water is attractive to cats and may entice them to drink more. Getting your feline friend to down more water not only keeps dehydration at bay, but can help prevent urinary tract and kidney problems.

Each of them has a central column with spouts through which water is pumped. The cat can either lap the water as it emerges flowing from the column, or drink it from the bowl. (These products are also appropriate for puppies or small dogs.)

Both cat water fountains have round bowls, rather than the square or rectangular ones other models have.

Each of these products has a submersible pump to keep the water moving and a filtration system to keep the water clean. In both cases, the pump needs to be cleaned and the filters changed every few weeks. Both fountains boast pump motors that are super quiet.

Except for the pumps, the components for both products are dishwasher safe.

Cat Water Fountain Differences

The most obvious difference between these is the material they're made from. The Cepheus 360 is mostly ceramic, while the Petsafe Drinkwell 360 is primarily stainless steel. Some vets suggest that stainless steel is more resistant to bacteria than any other surface. If you love the Petsafe brand but hate the stainless steel, you can grab their ceramic fountain for a little bit of extra cash. This stylish pagoda is worth the extra cash, and dishwasher safe if you're not on a budget.

Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda Cat Fountain

The fact that it's made of ceramic gives Cepheus the opportunity to offer their fountain in enough colors to accentuate any home decor: Blue, Green, Grey, Bohemian Sun Orange, Bohemian Exotic Blue, Purple, White and Tiffany Blue.

The two products also differ in the number of spouts on the central column. On the Cepheus the water pumps through three spouts, while in the Petsafe, water can be dispensed by as many as five spouts. The Petsafe fountain has an adjustable flow to change the speed at which the water emerges.

Perhaps the most notable difference is capacity. The Cepheus can contain 70 ounces, while the Petsafe, perhaps the better choice for a multi-cat household, holds 128 ounces.

These are both excellent fountains. You may like the colorful ceramic options and lower cost of the Cepheus. Or the adjustable flow and larger capacity of the Petsafe may tip the scale for you. Either way, your cat is the winner.

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