$40 Magnetic Chicken Dishwasher Cover Is Perfect for Grandma's Kitchen

Believe it or not, chicken themed kitchens are a Southern tradition.

If you grew up in the South, then you probably know someone who has a chicken-themed kitchen. Grandmas love chicken and cattle decor for some reason, and it's hard to walk into their kitchen without spying some sort of farm-related decor. Country decor might seem tacky to some, but it really helps make a room feel more like home. If you or your grandparents love farm animals or chickens, then they're going to be amazed by this chicken dishwasher cover.

Amazon is selling a dishwasher cover that will truly be the best piece of decor in Grandma's farmhouse kitchen. You can find a few options for under $40. Grandma is going to think it's too funny, but she'll enjoy it anyway. You can even accompany it with a list of hilarious chicken jokes if that's her thing. Her birthday will be here before you know it (along with a few holidays) so grab one in advance and spruce up her cluckin' home decor with quirky appliance art.

Chicken Dishwasher Covers

1. Kitchen Decoration Farmhouse Dishwasher Cover Magnetic

Consider this kitchen & dining wall art for your dishwasher. The cover comes in different sizes so you can fit your jumbo dishwasher or even a small apartment one. The art print is going to be Grandma's favorite chicken collectible yet. As a bonus, you get baby chicks and a goat! The whole farm in one dishwasher cover isn't a bad deal.

2. Country Rooster Kitchen Cabinet Door Sticker

This vintage look is also a favorite. There are over 15 designs to choose from, meaning you can definitely find one to match your decor. From cheesy to modern, there's a sticker that will match your kitchen.

3. Chicken Dishwasher Magnetic Sticker

Bring the chickens home to roost with this magnetic dishwasher sticker. While you probably wouldn't want a chicken coop in your house, you can appreciate the feel of one without the mess with this magnetic sticker. The best part? It doesn't actually stick anywhere, meaning you can keep the appliance you spent too much money on in good condition. Happy decorating!

This post was originally published on March 12, 2021.

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