$13 Hilarious Goat Sign Is the Only Warning Sign You Need for the Farm

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Keep the gate closed, no matter what the goat says!

Every homesteader knows that farm animals can be quite sneaky. I'm from Texas, so it's pretty normal to see a cow or horse on the loose every now and then. It turns out goats can be pretty quick to escape when people open gates (even for a quick second!).

To ensure visitors know that goats are in the area, keep them informed (and entertained) with this funny "keep gate closed no matter what the goat says" sign. The $13 hilarious farm decor sign is the perfect gift for any goat lover.

Keep Gate Closed The Goat - Durable Metal Sign

  • Made in USA
  • Perfect yard sign or wall decor for man cave
  • Pre-drilled holes

The farm sign is in stock on Amazon and is made from high-quality aluminum metal and is printed with epoxy ink, so it's fit for outdoor use. It also comes ready with two screw holes for easy hanging. It's also light enough to be mounted with double-sided foam tape or Command strips.

The goat sign will ship in four to five business days.

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Keep this aluminum sign up as a warning sign to guests and delivery drivers. If they ever see your goat on the loose, they'll know it belongs to you! You never know, this great gift could really come in handy.

The keep gate closed sign is also a good reminder to mini-farm owners in training. Teach them early that they need to keep the gate closed.

Stephanie gave it a fantastic customer review and said, "It came in a good box and no scraches or anything would buy again"

So sweet! Support a small family business in Texas today and purchase this goat sign. This seller has various barn signs and farmhouse decor for chicken coops, pig owners, and more.

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