Best Pet Bowls and Feeders: Automate Mealtime With These Bodacious Bowls

Mealtime doesn't have to be boring with these bodacious bowls!

Food, water, and shelter:  those are the basic needs both people and pets share. And as your fur kid's caretaker, it's important you provide enough of the first two throughout the day.

If you're busy or your buddy has feeding issues, however, mealtimes can become more complicated—to say nothing of the clean-up afterwards! Don't stress. With so much variety in the market, there are pet bowls and feeders for every type and size of animal, lifestyle, and design aesthetic. Ready to be bowled over? Check out our curated list of the best pet bowls and feeders, from cool dog bowls to tall dog balls, and special selections just for your favorite feline.

Best Pet Bowls and Feeders

Fluff Trough Binge Blocker Elevated Dog & Cat Slow Feeder

Recommended by veterinarians to slow down hungry animals from gobbling up their food—which can cause choking and stomach troubles—this elevated feeder comes in four stylish shades. On top of that, it is dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and features non-slip silicone feet.


Triple Automatic Cat Feeder

With automatic water refill and easy-to-remove parts, this feeding station is super low-maintenance. Also, it's cute. Choose the cat-shaped bowls—one for water, one for food—in these fetching hues: green, blue, pink or white.


PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain

Fun fact: Every day, your pet needs one ounce of water per each pound she weighs. This darling drinking fountain will attract her attention—and help to keep her hydrated—with its two gently bubbling streams. Cool feature: The water goes through replaceable carbon filters as well to eliminate odors and debris. It might seem pricey, but ceramic means fewer allergies for your pet, and easier cleanup for you!


Miss Meow Raised Cat Bowls with Stand Feeder

Made of sustainable bamboo (the stand) and human-grade stainless steel or ceramic (the bowls), this feeder comes with two sets of legs in different lengths. It's ideal for aging, injured, or taller animals who may have arthritis or neck or back problems when eating.


Whisker Feeder-Robot Smoke Hopper Dog & Cat Feeder

This high-tech feeder solves multiple problems: being able to feed your fur kid on time and in the right portion, and to do so remotely by using the AutoPets Connect app. Thanks the feeder's anti-jam technology and built-in battery backup, you won't have to worry Max will miss a mealtime because the machine is malfunctioning.


YETI Boomer 8

Need a bowl strong enough to stand up to your frisky fur-iend? May we introduce the Yeti Boomer 8? Just like other Yeti products—built to be unbreakable for the "serious outdoor enthusiast"—this stainless-steel bowl is puncture-proof, rust-resistant, and boasts a non-slip ring. It comes in nine bold hues too.


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