Whataburger Just Released a Pet Line With Dog Bowls and Leashes

It's pretty common for Texans to have Whataburger apparel or merchandise. From Whataburger T-Shirts, YETI Ramblers, socks, and more. What can we say? We love letting people know it's Whataburger over any other fast food restaurant or burger stand all day every day. That's why we're so happy our pets can join in on the fun with their very own Whataburger pet merchandise.

Whataburger announced that they're expanding their retail lineup with a new Whataburger Pet Set. It's National Dog Day, so there couldn't be better timing! The line consists of dog bowls, leashes, and collars for your Whataburger lovin' pooch.

Whataburger Pet Set

Playtime just got even better. Pet owners in Texas just can't wait to show off their pets' new dog collars. These orange and white collars will be a conversation-starter at the dog park with fellow Whataburger fans. Everyone at the park will ask where you got it from.

While you're sippin' an-ice cold Dr Pepper from your Whataburger cup, your doggy can enjoy cold water from his new Whataburger dog bowl. These are so perfect!

This leash is too awesome. If your dog rides in the car with you to pick up Whataburger, you should put this on them. Seeing a Whataburger collar and leash on your sweet fur baby would make Whataburger drive-thru workers smile.

After your dog gets their new Whataburger merch, have a photoshoot! I'd love to see Whataburger share your photos on their social media.

Okay, Whataburger. We love the line, but can we get a Whataburger dog house? That would be too adorable! I think a lot of Corpus Christi and South Texas natives would love that for their pets. Be sure to also check out Amazon for Whataburger YETis, condiments, and more. Many products are Amazon Prime eligible, so get your spicy ketchup delivered to your door in 2 days or less!

Visit the Whatastore for the latest news on Whataburger apparel.

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