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This Underground Dog House Keeps Dogs Cool and Comfy

Digging holes is not out of the norm for dogs. Just like their instinct to chew, some find digging holes to be a fun activity. Some might dig to combat boredom or to hunt down a gopher or squirrel. Whether your dog has some serious hunting vibes going on or just needs a leisure activity when they're out in the yard, it's usually typical dog behavior.

Although, some do it for other reasons. Beagles are known for digging holes to keep cool underground during hot temperatures. Some dog breeds actually like the sense of security they have when they're underground. Dog owners, if you suspect that your dog is digging holes to escape hot weather conditions or for a peaceful escape, an underground dog house could be a great way to add enrichment to their lives when outside.

Breeds that love to dig holes 

  • Beagles
  • Border Collie
  • Dachshund
  • Siberian Husky
  • Malamute

DogEden underground dog house

If your dog has been busy outside trying to dig an underground dog den, they can finally rest. This eco-friendly underground dog house can be installed in no time. Once you've got a hole big enough for the house to be put in the ground, your dog's new underground house will sit three inches above the ground.

This insulated dog house will keep your dog warm during cold weather conditions, and cool when it's hot outside. Miller Pet Products says this dog shelter is best for dogs 60 pounds and under. Small dogs won't have any trouble feeling comfy in it, but if you have a large dog over the recommended weight limit, they probably won't feel comfortable in this underground house.

The tie-out anchor is attached so your furry friend can run without getting tangled. There are steps inside the pet house so your dog can get underground safely. Miller Pet Products calls this outdoor dog house "paradise for pets." Using the earth's own natural temperature control system, your pet's shelter will be at a comfortable temperature year-round for your furry friend.

If you've been looking for gadgets to keep your dog cool or warm outside, your fur baby will appreciate this underground dog den. Otherwise, this could save you the headaches of having multiple holes in your lawn!

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